10 tips on Chinese couple VS Western couple

10 tips on Chinese couple VS Western couple

Because everyone is different, naturally Chinese couples are often very different from Western ones. Let’s go through a few interesting behaviors with these 10 tips on differences between Chinese and Western couples!

1- Eating

Chinese couple: Can share food but do not speak, and each other on mobile phone.

Western couple: No phone, some little talk but DO NOT TOUCH TO MY FOOD!



2- Partying

Chinese couple: KTV, some beer and singing.

Western couple: Loud music, Vodka and dance, let’s go party!


3- Fighting and apologize

Chinese Couple: Girl Power. Run boy, run. Or just cry (the man, not the girl.)

Western couple: Fighting talk, screaming, crying and conversational. A psychological analyze and talk, at least something that looks like.


4. First time saying “I love you”

i love you

Chinese couple: they fight between themselves in order to be the first to pronounce these famous three words.

Western couple: the last one to say these three words wins. The first one is courageous, or just crazy.


5- Shopping together

Chinese couple: Best time together ever! And the man wears all the bags! (he doesn’t have choice)

Western couple: Best time with… who? Girls make shopping alone or with some friends. Boyfriend is at home, playing video games…


6-  Paying the bill at restaurant

Chinese couple: Sweet eyes from the lady, the man shall pay the bill (always as a volunteer of course)

Western couple: Man: we share the bill! (but still not sharing food…)


7- Marriage proposal

Chinese couple: 6 months and three days, he is horse, she is dog, it is time to plan a wedding.

Western couple: 11 years, 7 months, 1 dog, they are (maybe) ready for marriage.

marry me chine


8- Meeting parents 

Chinese couple: What is your job? How much money do you earn? Do you think you will be able to take care of my daughter? Can you drink an entire bottle of Baijiu?!

Western couple: You are with my daughter? Ok good. Do you play Rugby? (it works with any kind of games such as golf, football, …)


9-  Pregnancy


Chinese couple: 7 months, one wedding and being pregnant: This is perfect, now parents will leave them alone for a while!

Western couple: 13 years, 2 dogs, 1 wedding, and being pregnant: Are they sure to be ready? Maybe it is too soon…


10-  Having a baby

Chinese couple: let’s leave the baby to our parents!

Western couple: Do you think about all baby’s stuffs? Diapers? Cuddly toy? Bottle-feeding? Baby clothing? Blanket?!…. We can’t leave the baby…

And you, what is your favorite kind of couple?


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