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          Learn the most basic greetings in Chinese (more…)

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            Shanghai 2016 Color Run arrives soon!


            After being hosted in Shanghai for the first time in 2014, the famous Color Run, or “Happiest 5km of the Planet”, is coming back in Shanghai on September 24th and 25th. This international event gathers thousands of people who run for 5 kilometers while receiving a color-paint shower at each kilometer, and as you probably already guessed, the objective is more about having fun than competing for arriving in first position.

            For this year’s Color Run, the race will start at Sunland Green, in New Pudong District (you can already register for the event by clicking on this link Color Run). There will be two departures each day, one starting at 9.30am and the other at 3.00pm. There are two entry fees, each one including a special kit:


            The only obligation asked is for each participant to wear white or light colored clothes so that you can fully admire the paintings on your body. If you feel like taking off some of the paint after crossing the finish line, some fans will be displayed to clean yourself a bit.

            This is definitely an event to try if you’ve never done it, not only will you receive some gifts for participating, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Rainbow Beach, an island located at the finish line, where some music will be played, pictures will be taken and more color-paint will be thrown creating a wonderful spectacle of mixed colors and turning the island into “the best post-5km party on the planet”.

            To sum everything up, the day should be as follow: running & sweating + body painting + loads of fun people + post-race party. That looks like a great day to not miss! 🙂

            Here are some comments given by participants from previous Color Run sessions to help you get a better picture of the event:

            • “The Tropicolor zone had big inflatable palm trees! My friends and I had so much fun this year. We love TCR! ”
            • “WOW! I cannot wait until The Color Run comes back to my city. It was seriously the best day. My friends and I had a blast”
            • “The new Tropicolor tour is even better than last year! They had a sandy beach area at the end with huge inflatable beach balls. So fun. ”



            Don’t hesitate to share this article around and post some feedback if you already joined the past years!

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              10 cool places for Summer in Beijing and Shanghai

              You will be working all summer in Beijing or Shanghai, many of your friends are on holiday and you could use some recommendations about nice places to relax during your free time?  Keep on reading, TailorMade selected 10 out of the best places and events that you should try or attend to during summer, between Beijing and Shanghai!


              1 – Red Town

              The Red Town Complex, at HuaiHai Xi Lu, is definitely a place that you should visit. This old steel-making factory has been rebuilt into a creative and modern artistic exhibition with contemporary sculptures set outside of the building. This “small district” is a great place if you feel like walking around and relax.


              2 – Mandarin City Pool

              No matter whether you prefer chilling by the swimming pool while drinking a cocktail, or look for a place where to go with your kids during weekends: the Mandarin City Pool is an excellent choice. For a 100RMB fee, you will have access to a huge swimming pool featuring a wide swimming area, several dedicated spaces for children and a water bar with music to get you in the party mood. Main entrance is located at the cross between Shuicheng road and Guyang road, at about 200 meters from Gubei’s Carrefour. There are of course many other swimming pools in Shanghai but this one is probably the most famous one.


              3 – Bund beach

              The famous Bund Beach is also a good place to relax. Located in the southern part of the Bund, just behind the bars and restaurants at the Cool Docks, this “Shanghai Beach” is the host of many events during summer such as Beach parties or beach volleyball tournaments. The bars located along the beach and the swimming pool are the perfect tools to enjoy a great view of the Pudong skyline (especially during sunsets). The price is around 100RMB.


              4 – Disneyland

              You are probably already aware about the new Disney Amusement Park’s opening in Shanghai Pudong last June 16th. If you also grew up with Disney movies, love rollercoasters and all the amazing attractions around Disney themes, then you will not regret your time there. One day is a little short to go around the whole park, so if possible we would recommend you to spend the night there.


              5 – Playa Maya Water Park

              Playa Maya is the biggest water park in all of Eastern China. With an area of 150,000 square meters, the park includes some of the most impressive and funniest slides (a few of them received an award), but also an adventure park to entertain kids and adults. Therefore, whether you want to spend some time with your family or your friends, the Playa Maya will give you the shot of adrenaline and fun you need after an exhausting week of work.



              6 – Longqing Gorge

              The “Longqing Gorge” is probably one of the most amazing natural spots close around Beijing. Once you’ve arrived, you have the choice between different activities such as Bungee Jumping, Boating and more… It is 85 kilometers away from Beijing, near the Yanqing Old River, but you can easily go there by bus and railway. It’s a beautiful place to visit and the prices are not too high.


              7 – Happy Valley

              Happy Valley is the biggest amusement park of Beijing and definitely the best if you’re looking for crazy rollercoasters. With more than 40 rides and seven different themed zones, Happy Valley proves that Disneyland is not the only amusement park where you can have fun. The entry price is 200RMB for adults and 150RMB for children between 1.2m-1.5m high and adults between 65-69 years old; and free for the others.


              8 – Cavalia

              “Cavalia” is a group performing ballet with horses. By mixing their show with dance, acrobatics, stunts and live music, the group and its performers have been able to conquer their audience, and until August 21st, they will be performing at the Chaoyang Park for a price starting from 120RMB to 1980RMB. The critics are really good and the show seems to be quite impressive and original so why not try it.


              9 – Beijing World Park

              The “Beijing World Park” is a famous and well-recommended attraction located on Feng Bao Road, in Huaxiang County. If you never had the opportunity to travel a lot across the world, then come visit this miniature representation of the world. Every famous monument such as the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Egypt or the White House, is regrouped in an entertaining and original world. By travelling through different decor and atmosphere you almost forget you are in China for a while. Furthermore, the Han Dynasty Tomb and the Huaxiang Park are nearby this attraction if you wish to visit them.


              10 – Sleeping on the Great Wall

              The China Culture Center offers to take you for a 2-days-trip to a quiet part of the Great Wall where you won’t be annoyed by tourists but instead will enjoy a more natural aspect of this magnificent monument. For 1200RMB, spend two days hiking on the Great Wall and experience unique moments such as the early morning hike on top of the mountain to witness magnificent scenery views that will take your breath away. With your friends and or/family, you will live a one-time adventure that you will never forget.


              Share with us your favorite places in/near Beijing and Shanghai! Thanks for reading 😉

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