6 GOOD reasons to learn Chinese

What are the best reasons to study Chinese language?

Mandarin is the most widely used among Chinese languages. It is spoken by more than a billion people around the world and is therefore the most spoken language on earth. Along with the internationalization and strengthening of the Chinese economy that has gradually taken place since the beginning of the century, many foreigners have come to “the central country” (most accurate translation for “zhongguo”, the Mandarin word used for China) and even more are about to come! And naturally, a great part of them have been pushed to study Chinese…

So, what are the 6 good reasons?

1 – A powerful economy and many job opportunities

More than just in China, people speak Chinese in other Asian countries, like Singapore or Taiwan. Many “huaren”, as Chinese people call Chinese migrants leaving outside China, are also holding strong positions over the economy in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines or even in Indonesia. As a result, learning Chinese expands opportunities to find a job anywhere in Asia and can definitely make the difference with other competitors.


2 – A wide and dynamic area with loads of business opportunities

For those who dream about launching their own business, Asia is a perfect playground. However, a strong limitation to make it come true is that many local people cannot speak English. Take the advantage by learning Chinese!


3 – Chinese is in fact not so difficult to learn

We all heard that Chinese language was one of the most difficult one to learn since we were children. But actually, Chinese grammar is very simple and flexible, and a basic Chinese level can be reached within just few months.


4 – Gain access to a brand new world

Visit amazing places, get in touch with amazing people you could never have got in touch with if you could not speak Chinese. Asia is big, very big. And you will see there among the most beautiful places on earth. The problem is that most of these places, at least for China and Taiwan, are in remote locations where nobody speaks English. It would be a pity to miss these treasures just because you cannot communicate in Chinese…


5 – Change the way you see the life, broaden your view

Chinese language is very special, using tones add one dimension to the communication, and words are often made of associations of other words that, put together, best describe them. These two particularities put together will impact your conception of language, and even in some cases your conception of words themselves, and their real meaning. It will also be a chance to learn about the long history of China, its culture and rich traditions.

Beijing - Forbidden City / Verbotene Stadt

6 – Just to enjoy real Chinese food

Chinese food is varied and tasty, because it comes from many different Chinese areas and cultures. It has nothing to see with most of dishes you will get in Chinese restaurants back in Europe or in the US. So if you learn Chinese, you should be able to order your food in restaurants and maybe you will be lucky enough taste real Chinese food.





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