Weekly News N106 – Giant stone ball – Drones fighting – Renewable energy – Fraud in Kenya

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  • LEVEL 1: Giant stone ball found in Eastern Europe forest

    The big stone was discovered under the ground near the city of Zavidovici. Its size is between four and five feet, and there is a lot of iron inside. Scientists who found it said it could be the oldest stone sphere made by human hands, back 1500 years ago. They also said the region used to have many more of these balls before, but many were destroyed in the 1970s because people thought there was gold in the middle of them.

  • LEVEL 2: Drones to fight pollution in Hebei

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    All started a little more than one year ago. Local government started to check factories and found out that many were not using the equipment they were supposed to use to protect the environment. Since then, 3 drones have flied up to 3,500 meters high with a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour to take pictures from the sky in order to find polluters. Several other provinces did the same, and by June last year 64 companies had already been identified.

  • LEVEL 3: Renewable energy sets new investment records in 2015

    According to a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), global investment in green energy grew by 5 percent last year to $285.9 billion, surpassing the previous record of $278.5 billion set in 2011. Something even more interesting is that the developing world invested $156 billion, 19 percent more than in 2014, and China accounted for $102.9 billion, or 36 percent of the world total. Good news never come alone, and 2015 also became the first year in which renewables made up a majority (53.6 percent) of power generation installations.

  • LEVEL 4: Eight Taiwanese are Deported to China after Trial in Kenya

    Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused China of “illegal capture of people through uncivilized conduct” on Monday, after eight people from the island were deported to mainland China following a trial for fraud in Kenya. The African country does not have official relations with Taiwan and considers the island as part of China, in line with Beijing’s position. On Tuesday, Kenyan Interior Ministry spokesman said “They came from China and we took them to China. Usually when you go to another country illegally, you are taken back to your last port of departure”.