China, a land full of myths and hidden beauties

China, a land full of myths and hidden beauties

Have you ever been to China before? Did you go there for tourism, business, or education? Today we have the list of some places in China which you won’t believe they exist. If you ever been to China in long term purpose like moving, studying, or the long vacation, we hope you already visit some of these places in order to know the real China, land of myth and nature beauty.

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  1. The Guanyin Statue

guanyin statue

Build in the Nanshan Temple Complex with the height of 354 feet, Guanyin Statue is the dedication of Guanyin the Chinese goddess of mercy. This statue is reportedly has 3 faces which are facing 2 different directions; one is looking down to the land while the 2 others are facing the South China Sea. Being one of the 4 tallest statues in the world, Guanyin Statue is also named as the tallest statue in China mainland.

  1. Xitang


Xitang is well known as the “typical” Chinese water village with the road full of the lantern and all houses are offering the “real” China experiences. It is built the canal and river in the Zhejiang Province, which is close to Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in China. The village back in the old time before tourism change the appearance of this village, you can really find how the people who live there doing a daily activity, but now Xitang has transformed into full tourist spot which accommodates the need of tourist and what they expect from the typical floating village in China.

  1. Nalati Grassland

Nalati Grassland

For the Chinese, they don’t need to spend so much money to be able to see the grassland with cow and sheep grasping under the clear blue sky by flying all the way to Switzerland. Why? Because in their land of nature beauty, China has Nalati Grassland located in the Northwest Xinjiang which is known as the world 4th largest grassland and known as one of the highest grasslands in China. The best time to visit this place is in the summer while this place will be covered by many flowers, and the weather wouldn’t be too cold.

  1. Qian Dao Lake

qiandao lake in china


Known as the Thousand-Islet Lake, Qian Dao was the man-made lake which was built in 1950 for the purpose of water supply and electricity with water and hydraulic station taken from the Xin’an river. It started by evacuating 385 square miles of land, plain, and hill then flooded it with water from the river, and unexpectedly it turns out as the dream islands. Now Qian Dao Lake is used specifically for the electricity supply and the islands are built for tourism purposes.

  1. Zhangye Danzia Lanform

"A visitor stands at a viewing platform in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Zhangye, northwest Chinas Gansu province, 22 September 2012."
“A visitor stands at a viewing platform in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Zhangye, northwest Chinas Gansu province, 22 September 2012.”

The island has been pretty famous recently as the picture of this land goes viral on the internet as the unbelievable nature mate landscape of colored rocks and hills. More than 510 square kilometers are all covered by the red rock base and colored land as the painting contrasting with the blue sky.

Visit China without making an escape and see these beautiful places above? You haven’t revealed the true beauty of China. Make a way out and have a breathtaking experience!

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