Pay Your Bill in China? Alipay Is Your Answer

 Alipay is the answer to pay your Bill in China

Starting to live in the China mainland and if you are coming from the country in which you do not think that you need to bring cash anywhere, don’t be afraid that you cannot do that in China. With the rapid growth of the economic, development, and the massive business investment in China, it is very urgent for businessman and people generally to have the debit or credit card which you can use to pay anywhere in China. Assuming there will be the hassle using you PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa, we will give you a simple guidance in using the Chinese kind of PayPal, named Alipay.

If you want to buy something in the online platform as Chinese Amazon, Taobao, you should really consider making an account in the Alipay which is linked to your bank account to access your money. Do not afraid to use Alipay and ended up you don’t use it much in daily life because in China even taxi driver accepts payment by using Alipay! It also applies to food and other daily need that you buy. Alipay reaches out the need of the foreigner to have a simple life and modern in the Chinese way. Yet for a foreigner, making an account in Alipay is not that easy. First, because the website is built in Mandarin, so be ready to have your Chinese dictionary or translator to help you to deal with it rather than end up waiting for 7 days to go and redo the application from the beginning.

alipay pay your bill

Some tips that you will need as a foreigner who first make account in Alipay are as follows:

1.Prepare your image of Passport and Visa.

This will be needed for the verification when you are connecting your Alipay account to your bank account and to use the business model by the apps on your phone. It does not have to be the scanned image of the passport info page and the visa, the picture is acceptable as long as the image is clear enough and all info is readable.

2.  Name

You know that typing your name in wrong capital or spacing will cost you one or two days to be able to redo your application for Alipay? Yes! That is the normal way of waiting until your application can be redone and you can fix your name typing. It is unlikely that you put your name wrong but who knows? So better be careful, make sure those names are exactly the same as your bank account and passport. All parallel.

3. Better not Gmail.

It is a little tricky to use the internet in China, to be honest. Some domain, website, and pages are not allowed to open, and some even have big difficulties to receive notification and else. Some foreigners, who are used to making Alipay, find out that using Gmail is less favorable by Chinese internet network to be able to verify. Try other domain for emails like Yahoo, Hotmail, or others. Try to ask if you find the problem.

Enjoy paying all in China with the Chinese Paypal and learn how to make your stay in China comfortable with following those tips above.

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