Shanghai 2016 Color Run arrives soon!


After being hosted in Shanghai for the first time in 2014, the famous Color Run, or “Happiest 5km of the Planet”, is coming back in Shanghai on September 24th and 25th. This international event gathers thousands of people who run for 5 kilometers while receiving a color-paint shower at each kilometer, and as you probably already guessed, the objective is more about having fun than competing for arriving in first position.

For this year’s Color Run, the race will start at Sunland Green, in New Pudong District (you can already register for the event by clicking on this link Color Run). There will be two departures each day, one starting at 9.30am and the other at 3.00pm. There are two entry fees, each one including a special kit:


The only obligation asked is for each participant to wear white or light colored clothes so that you can fully admire the paintings on your body. If you feel like taking off some of the paint after crossing the finish line, some fans will be displayed to clean yourself a bit.

This is definitely an event to try if you’ve never done it, not only will you receive some gifts for participating, but you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Rainbow Beach, an island located at the finish line, where some music will be played, pictures will be taken and more color-paint will be thrown creating a wonderful spectacle of mixed colors and turning the island into “the best post-5km party on the planet”.

To sum everything up, the day should be as follow: running & sweating + body painting + loads of fun people + post-race party. That looks like a great day to not miss! 🙂

Here are some comments given by participants from previous Color Run sessions to help you get a better picture of the event:

  • “The Tropicolor zone had big inflatable palm trees! My friends and I had so much fun this year. We love TCR! ”
  • “WOW! I cannot wait until The Color Run comes back to my city. It was seriously the best day. My friends and I had a blast”
  • “The new Tropicolor tour is even better than last year! They had a sandy beach area at the end with huge inflatable beach balls. So fun. ”



Don’t hesitate to share this article around and post some feedback if you already joined the past years!

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