Weekly News 113 – British Girl Helps Chinese Parents – Tai’an Table Closed – China World’s Largest Telescope – New Visa System

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  • LEVEL 1: A British Girls Helps Chinese Parents Name Their Children

    A 16-year-old British girl opened a website and made £48,000 by helping Chinese parents to give English names to their babies. She got the idea during a family visit to China. They were out eating with friends when she was asked to give an English name to a newborn baby. In China many people think that it is important to have an English name for future studies outside China or to do business with the Western countries.

  • LEVEL 2: SH Restaurant Tai'an Table Closes 1 Day After Winning Michelin Star

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    Just one day after receiving a star in Shanghai’s first Michelin Guide, Tai’an Table has been shut down. Apparently, the restaurant was operating without a license, and the police was informed by jealous competitors. German chef Stefan Stiller said online that he did not mean to violate any law and that a new place was under renovation. Meanwhile, Michelin has responded that they judge the quality of the restaurant, not whether it is properly licensed or not.

  • LEVEL 3: World's Largest Telescope Began to Peer Into Space

    Guizhou province, last Sunday – China turns on the biggest radio telescope in the world. With an amazing size of approximately 30 soccer fields, the telescope should help scientists in their hunt to find any reliable sign of alien life in the sky. The facility, surpassing the second- largest by 200 meters in diameter, is being called a game-changer in space research community. President Xi Jinping on Sunday sent a congratulatory letter to all the scientists and engineers who contributed to its creation.

  • LEVEL 4: China's New Work Permit System

    In its quest to attract more highly-skilled foreign talents and limit the number of less-skilled ones, China is planning to streamline its work visa system. The Alien Employment Permit (Z-visa) and the Foreign Expert Permit (R-visa) will be replaced by one single work permit document under the new system. The administration also explains that it will classify all foreign workers into three distinct categories: A – Top talents, B – Professional talents, C – Unskilled workers or those working the service industry. To define in which group candidates should be placed, foreigners will be given points based on: 1/ Their salary (the lower the better) 2/ Their diplomas 3/ The time they’ve worked in China 4/ Their Chinese language level 5/ Their age 6/ Their work location (you’ll get more points for working in less developed regions).