Weekly News 115 -Jackie Chan’s Oscar – No arm, No loan – Walmart workers’ fight – China votes for new trade regulations

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  • LEVEL 1: Jackie Chan wins an Oscar

    After 56 years and more than 200 movies, Hong Kong movie star Jacky Chan finally got an Oscar earlier this month. The Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles on November 12th. After receiving the Oscar, Chan thanked Hollywood, his family and friends, Hong Kong and China for making him proud to be Chinese. And then he thanked his fans: “Because of you, I have a reason to continue to make movies, jump in a window, kicking and punching, breaking my bones, thank you so much!”.

  • LEVEL 2: No arm, no loan

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    After losing both arms because of some electrical accident when he was 5, a man from Henan province recently faced another serious problem. Wu Jianping, 25 years old, decided to buy a flat in Zhengzhou city. To do so, he needed money and thought about asking help from local banks. But when he went to apply for a loan, all the banks refused to lend him money for the same reason: he had no arms, then no fingerprints. No fingerprints, no loan. In the following days, the news became viral on WeChat, and many people protested saying this situation was unfair. Banks quickly changed their minds, and Wu Jianping can now buy his flat!

  • LEVEL 3: Thousands of Walmart workers fight on WeChat

    When Walmart entered China in 1996, workers rushed to the company as it offered relatively high wages compared to its domestic competitors. However, failing to keep up with modern wages, employees say that now, a Walmart job doesn’t pay enough to comfortably support a family at just $300 a month. Workers are also complaining about a new scheduling system, that is leaving employees exhausted. Meanwhile, Walmart has led a campaign in the US to raise pay. As a result, some employees in Shenzhen filed lawsuits, and about 20,000 employees China-wide gathered on a WeChat group led by a former employee surnamed Wang in order to protest for better pay and working conditions.

  • LEVEL 4: China vows to promote bilateral, multilateral trade deals

    China will actively participate in bilateral and multilateral trade deals, regardless of developments to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deals, Commerce Ministry spokesperson Shen Danyang said at a press conference last Thursday. It will work with all parties concerned to negotiate the RCEP (free trade agreement between the 10 members of ASEAN, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India) and push for a conclusion as soon as possible, with full respect for the core status of ASEAN in the deal.The comments came after US president-elect Donald Trump said he would withdraw the United States from the TPP, a free trade pact between 12 Asia-Pacific countries. Shen said China will continue to deepen reforms, open up its economy and cooperate with the World Trade Organization members to create a free and favorable environment for global trade.