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Both in china and online, TailorMade Chinese Center focuses on quality Chinese language education programs, mostly to foreign professionals but also to individuals from all ages and countries willing to learn Chinese for leisure. No matter if you are already living in Shanghai or planning to do so, visiting from time to time for business purposes, travelling or coming for few weeks to learn through intensive Chinese lessons, we propose adapted solutions for customized training programs and concrete results.

TailorMade’s efforts to provide high quality training programs combined with professional Chinese teachers and customized services were recently rewarded as the school received the Expat Life Award  « Beijing’s Best Chinese Language School » for the year 2016.

You can choose regular Group Lessons at our Jing’an Chinese school, few steps away from the cross between Jiaozhou Road and Wuding Road. You can also learn Chinese in private group with your Shanghai colleagues or friends, or study Mandarin through 1 to 1 classes from your office or home with one of our qualified teacher. Indeed, all our Chinese teachers hold genuine language university degrees, no certificates, either in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese literature, English, German or French. Our teachers are all native Chinese, and speak fluent English.

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  • Professional, local native, English speaking and qualified Chinese teachers’ team
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  • Result-driven teaching method with proven track record of success


  • Sharing our experience in Shanghai about learning & teaching Chinese
  • Selecting the most useful vocabulary to teach you what you really need first
  • Customizing solutions, class schedules and course contents to adapt to all profiles of students

Why should you learn Chinese in shanghai?

You can practice Mandarin everywhere without having the bad feeling that you are totally lost, and as everywhere in China, in Shanghai you will quickly enjoy all the benefits of learning Chinese in your daily life. Learning Chinese in Shanghai may also be of great help in your professional life, as only a small part of foreigners here can really speak Chinese. You just need to be willing to learn, choose the right Chinese school and work on it!
We can help you design a personalized training program, or you can follow our standard modern Mandarin program.

Learning Chinese is easier than it looks!

We have developed over the years a unique teaching method focusing in the first instance on speaking & understanding. It is quite practical and made of 4 grades, from beginner to advanced level. Teaching books come with audio files, and cover the vocabulary and expressions which are needed to get by or work in China.

Through the first weeks of training, and even though Chinese is indeed a very special language, you will be surprised to realize how quickly you can learn, especially when you live in Shanghai. Each of our grade can be completed within 50 to 60 hours of lessons, a little more for higher levels, and you will reach a survival level before the end of the first grade.

Start learning Mandarin as soon as possible

Finally, another point that is important to mention is that in any case, it is never too late to start learning Chinese in Shanghai. However, starting as soon as possible after your arrival in Shanghai will help you secure to make the most out of your time in China.

So don’t hesitate and start learning right from now!

Improve your Chinese skills for your business

Professional teachers

With genuine University degrees

Flexible solutions

Anywhere and anytime

Competitive prices

1 to 1 Chinese lessons from 110RMB/h

More than 6 years experience

Result-driven teaching method

TailorMade, the specialist in Chinese language training!

Chinese school VS Private lessons

The advantage of choosing our training programs compared to a standard group class in another Chinese school is that you will progress much faster, focusing only on what you need. You will also save time as you do not need to go anywhere to learn Chinese, we will come to you. On the other side, the great advantage of a standard Chinese group class at a Chinese school is mainly the interaction with other students, but the overall cost to reach a specific level is usually higher than with 1 to 1 or very small private group classes. So all in all, beside saving time choosing 1 to 1 Chinese lessons in Shanghai will allow you to save money as well!

Competitive prices in Shanghai

Another strength of TailorMade Chinese lessons in Shanghai is our competitive prices compared to most of other professional Chinese schools in town, and as an example, 1 to 1 classes with a qualified teacher start from 120 RMB/hour. Money is of course a key aspect anybody or any organization shall consider when selecting the right training program along with the right Chinese school. We are well aware of it, and pay great attention to propose both efficient and affordable solutions. Indeed, while the hourly rate may appear as the key factor, quality hence the efficiency of the training takes all its weight when you consider the overall cost of your training: if you need more hours of lessons to reach a specific level, then small differences in hourly rates can become futile. Just try us!

PRIVATE 1 TO 1: study Chinese at your own pace

The best way to learn Chinese, without any doubt, is to choose private lessons through our 1 to 1 training program.

No matter what your current level and availabilities are, we will propose you a customized solution that will allow you to work on what you really need only, progress at your own speed, and most importantly reach your training objectives as quick as possible

Wherever you are in Shanghai, our teachers can come to your office or home. In weekdays, if you prefer to study Chinese before starting your work you can have your Chinese lesson in the morning from as early as 7AM. You can also choose to have class at noon during your break, anytime during daytime if your job allows it or in the evening up to 9PM. If you are really too busy during weekdays, classes are also available in weekends from 9AM to 7PM, so no worries.

Private 1 to 1 training will also allow you to fine tune the content of your training: you can learn more about specific topics related to your career or interests.

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Regular schedule
From 120 CNY / Hour
Flexible schedule
From 135 CNY / Hour

3 hours of Chinese class per week

The minimum you will need for a quick progression

3 hours of Chinese lessons per week divided in at least 2 classes of 1.5 hour is the minimum we recommend to students who really want to learn Chinese and progress fast. Moreover, based on our experience, for those who can do more 4.5 hours per week split into 3 classes seems to be the ideal solution. In the opposite, 1 class per week no matter the duration is usually not enough, unless you already master basic Chinese and are not in a rush to increase your level.

2 classes of 1.5 hour per week will usually allow you to never feel saturated

Keep your attention at its best, while securing a regular Chinese training is the key to progress. You also need time between lessons, and that time shall not be more than few days. If you came to Shanghai for work, your life can quickly become busy. You may also have unexpected workload falling on you from time to time, and for more convenience all our classes can be canceled up to 3 hours before the scheduled time, without any fee.

PRIVATE GROUPS: create your own Chinese Group class!

A good way to both keeping your training cost under control while sharing experience with other students of similar profiles in Shanghai is to create your own group class with friends or colleagues.

You will learn from others mistakes as others will learn from yours. Starting to learn a new language can appear to be quite a challenge, especially at the beginning, and learning in a group will help you to more quickly overcome any shy feeling or pronunciation issue you might have.

An important aspect to keep in mind though, is the need for uniformity among students’ level within a group. Too much differences will freeze the group’s progression, and generally speaking group Chinese classes are better adapted to real beginners who just started to learn Chinese.

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1 to 59 hours
From 60 CNY / Hour
60 to 119 hours
From 56 CNY / Hour
120 to 179 hours
From 52 CNY / Hour
> 180 hours
From 48 CNY / Hour

Focus on HSK test

The most recognized of all Chinese certifications

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, or HSK test are the most recognized of all Chinese certifications at the international level, and it can prove to be very useful especially for those who want to learn Chinese in order to boost their career. It is made of 6 grades, and you will need to at least be able to recognize and type hanzi on a keyboard.

All our teachers are trained to assist you to successfully pass these exams

All our teachers are trained to assist you to successfully pass these exams, you just need to make it clear when defining your learning objectives before starting your training.

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