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TailorMade Chinese Center is specialized in Chinese language training to foreign professionals, both in china and online.  All of our online Chinese teachers hold genuine language university degrees, either in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese literature, English, German or French. They are all native Chinese, speak fluent English and teach you Chinese during live session with a white board, just as they would do in a normal classroom. The only difference is that it is more convenient, and 2 to 3 times cheaper than what would cost face to face Chinese lessons in most of western capital cities.

Our online students are from everywhere. Some of them are already living in China but cannot find professional training where they live. Some others live abroad and prepare for moving to China, or visit from time to time for business purposes. Other ones are preparing for HSK exams, or just want to maintain their Chinese level while they are away from China. In all the cases and for every level, we can propose adapted solutions for concrete results.

Online TailorMade Mandarin classes
Learn Chinese from anywhere, your office or home

All you need to attend your Chinese lesson is a computer, a headset and a reliable internet connection. Then we can help you design a personalized training program, or you can follow our standard modern Mandarin course. We have developed over the years a unique teaching method focusing in the first instance on speaking & understanding. It is made of 4 grades, from beginner to advanced level. Teaching books in PDF format come with audio files, and cover the practical vocabulary and expressions which are needed to get by or work in China.

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Eloise D , France , Student
Eloise D

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Martin , France , Retired telecom engineer

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Franck P , Beijing , Freelance in China
Franck P

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Mari S , Georgia , Teacher, Venus International school
Mari S

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