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Since 2009, TailorMade Chinese Center has provided Chinese language training to foreign professionals of multinational companies, embassies and consulates. Our services are available both in China in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang and Xi’an, and online. We believe that learning Chinese is a key step for both personal and professional development, that those who can master the local language will always live and work better. With this in mind and based on our own experiences, we designed special programs and services better adapted to professionals.

1 to 1 and private group Chinese lessons
Special focus on Business Chinese, IT, HR, automotives, finance & others

Each student will enjoy first a personalized training plan in line with his objectives and needs then a customized schedule program with an optimum flexibility. We can also propose or custom-make classes focusing on special areas of interest for the company.

Tailor-made training programs and corporate services

As a corporate partner, you will enjoy:

  • Discount bulk prices
  • Customized courses
  • Monthly HR reporting regarding students attendance & progresses
  • Flexible payment schemes

Training can take place at your office or students’ home, and classes can be cancelled up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled time without any fee. All our Chinese teachers hold genuine language university degrees, either in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Chinese literature, English, German or French. They are all native Chinese, and speak fluent English. We can help student design a personalized training program, or they can follow our standard modern Mandarin program. We have developed over the years a unique teaching method focusing in the first instance on speaking & understanding and made of 4 grades, from beginner to advanced level. Teaching books come with audio files, and cover the practical vocabulary and expressions which are needed to get by or work in China. We also propose one to one online Chinese language training.

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