Qualified and Trained Mandarin Chinese Teachers

A professional team in China and online

Our teachers are all native Chinese and have genuine Language University Bachelor or Master Degrees, most of them in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, the degree created by the Chinese government to develop professional Chinese teachers, some of them in Chinese literature, in English, French or German. They also have from 2 to 8 years’ experience in teaching Chinese, and followed our internal training.

Qualified and trained teachers
For efficient and quick results

TailorMade Chinese teachers are recruited through a comprehensive selection process. They are chosen for their professional and interpersonal skills, speak fluent English and follow internal training after joining our team. You can learn Chinese in private 1 to 1 or group Chinese lessons, at our center, your office, home or online. We can help you design a personalized training program, or you can follow our standard modern Mandarin program. We have developed over the years a unique teaching method focusing in the first instance on speaking & understanding. It is made of 4 grades, from beginner to advanced level. Teaching books come with audio files, and cover the practical vocabulary and expressions which are needed to get by or work in China.

Why choose us ?

  • Initial focus on modern oral Chinese, standard pronunciation and useful daily life vocabulary
  • Personalized class content and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas
  • New learning material every week for more practice and exchanges about recent news
  • A qualified and passionate team of teachers dedicated to your learning objectives   
  • 90% of students who take a trial lesson choose us for their Chinese language training (nov.2009 apr.2015). Try us!

Feedback about our chinese teachers

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Maxime S , France , Working in China
Maxime S

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Mariya K , Russia , Volkswagen Group
Mariya K

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Brendan , USA , Working in China

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David P , Australia , Working in China
David P