Result-driven Method with Optimized Chinese Lessons

Learn Mandarin from survival to advanced level

Unique core method in 4 levels + audio files

TailorMade‘s standard methodology aims to get students operational as quick as possible. It was especially developed by our team to meet the needs of foreign professionals coming to China for work, and was adjusted along the years. It focuses in the first place on the right pronunciation, speaking & understanding, and the practical elements which are needed to get by in China. Reading and writing are usually proposed at a later stage, for those who can dedicate more time to learning Chinese. Meanwhile, we are aware that each student has its own needs and objectives, and all of our training programs are customized.

Adapted for total beginners and up to advanced level
Learn Chinese from your office or home

Practice is the key to memorization, even more in Chinese than in any other language. It is the best way to broaden your vocabulary, go beyond the books and learn what you precisely need. That is why lessons from our 4 levels come with plenty of exercises, audio files, and short articles from international news translated into Chinese every week. The knowledge and well-advised experience of your teacher is another decisive factor for the success of your training, and all of TailorMade’s Chinese teachers have genuine language university diploma, 2 years or more of full-time teaching experience, and speak fluent English.

Beside our core method in 4 levels, we propose HSK tests preparation, intensive programs, industry focused lessons and customized class contents for higher level students.

Why our method is unique?

  • Initial focus on modern oral Chinese, standard pronunciation and useful daily life vocabulary
  • Personalized class content and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas
  • New learning material every week for more practice and exchanges about recent news
  • A qualified and passionate team of teachers dedicated to your learning objectives   

Special courses: industry focused training

You can customize your training content based on your own interests and needs by adding modules of few hours on top of your basic program. Learn more Chinese about specific topics that you need the most, useful daily expressions for beginners:
Bank & accounting, human resources, sales & marketing, automotives, IT or others for higher level students.

Our standard methodology: get an overview by level

Survival level

  • Master the pronunciation and tones, a key step not to miss in order to be able to progress and get understood.
  • In this first level you will learn all the basic vocabulary and expressions you need to get by in China, with about 600 new words and expressions.
  • Topics of lessons come from real life situations, like introducing yourself, taking a cab, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, travelling, working etc.

Low intermediate level

  • Deeper focus on all the most important grammar structures of Chinese language.
  • Emphasize on sentences construction, dialogue and practice, with about 300 new words and expressions.
  • At the end of this level, the student can express himself clearly in most of daily situations.

Intermediate level

  • More sophisticated grammar structures and vocabulary to enrich your language skills.
  • Additional focus on students personal interests and needs during practice phases, possibility to add industry focused modules on top of the basic curriculum.
  • At the end of level 3, the student feels at ease in Chinese, use more technical words and can join most of social conversations

High intermediate level

  • More grammar structures and additional vocabulary, with more and more topics related to business, company life, technical or social issues.
  • At the end of Level 4, you can handle most of daily work conversations. You are autonomous to navigate in your daily life with friends, colleagues or clients.

What you will learn?

Tailor-made Chinese lessons

Key vocabulary, grammar rules, expressions, dialogues and exercises corresponding to your level

Daily life useful expressions

About 100 useful sentences, questions and answers to simplify the daily life of beginners in China

Weekly News free lessons

Almost every week, receive 1 free short lesson per level based on recent international news

Industry focus training

Short lessons focusing on specific industry related topics for higher level students

50 to 80 hours to complete 1 level

Up to 50% additional content on top of lessons, based on your interests and discussions in class