Try 1 hour Chinese lesson

The best way to make your mind up is by trying yourself! We propose 1 hour trial lesson without any commitment to whoever is interested in learning Chinese. The lesson is free if you are not satisfied and decide to not choose us for your training. During this first lesson, you will be able to assess the quality of our teaching method and Chinese teachers. It will also be a chance for us to better understand your current level and objectives.   

In brief, TailorMade Chinese Center provides Chinese lessons to individuals, companies and other organizations, both in China and online.

90% of students who take a trial lesson...
choose us for their Chinese language training

Why choose us?

  • Professional Chinese teachers  with genuine language university bachelor or master degrees and experience, speaking English, German, French or other languages
  • A result-driven teaching method developed by our team along the years and focusing on modern mandarin, with new learning material almost every week
  • Personalized study plan and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas
  • Unparalleled flexibility: classes can take place at our center, your office, home or online, and can be cancelled and rescheduled up to 3 hours in advance without any fee
  • Trusted Chinese language training provider for more companies and organizations excelling in China every year
  • 90% of students who take a trial lesson choose us for their Chinese language training (nov.2009 apr.2015). Try us!

Request a trial

Please fill in the form below and our staff will come back to you within 24 hours with a teacher and schedule proposal. The first hour is free of charge if you are not satisfied and decide to not choose us for your training. Looking forward to your lesson!

How to fill this form

Please give us more information regarding what you are looking for, the more we know the better we will be able to address your request.

Example of useful information:

  • Address where you would like us to send a teacher if necessary
  • How many hours per week would you like to study?
  • When could you be available for your training on a regular basis?
  • When would you be available for your1 hour trial lesson?
  • What is your current level, and what are your training objectives

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