Private Chinese lessons – 1 on 1 Mandarin Classes

Learn Chinese with tailor-made solutions

Adapted to your situation and needs

TailorMade proposes customized study plan and training programs to learn Chinese both in China or online. You can study Mandarin alone in one to one classes, or create a small group with your friends or colleagues. You can come to our center, have classes at your office or home, or choose online lessons. In any case we can propose efficient solutions with professional Chinese teachers matching your learning goals and schedule.

Save time and money
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One to one or group Chinese lessons

There are two main differences between one to one and small group lessons: the price, and the amount of practice you have access to. In one to one classes, you can talk and practice more than half of the time. In group classes, it is difficult to talk more than 10% of class time, even in small groups. As a result, the choice mainly depends on what kind of things you are willing to learn.

For languages, one to one lessons are usually more efficient. It is even truer for Chinese, as practice is the key to success, and in the end one to one classes appear to be much more cost-efficient besides saving your time. Small group classes do produce good results with students of similar level and expectations with a little more class hours and practice outside. But the efficiency quickly decreases when the number of student increases, especially when it comes to learning how to speak Chinese. So in any case when it is possible, we recommend to our students to have at least few hours 1 to 1 classes beside group lessons.

Why our methodology is unique?

  • Professional Chinese teachers  with genuine language university bachelor or master degrees and experience, speaking English, German, French or other languages.
  • A result-driven teaching method developed by our team along the years and focusing on modern mandarin, with new learning material every week.
  • Personalized study plan and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas.
  • Unparalleled flexibility: classes can take place at our center, your office, home or online, and can be cancelled and rescheduled up to 3 hours in advance without any fee.
  • Trusted Chinese language training provider by more companies and organizations excelling in China every year.

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