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Top 10 reasons why to visit China

Why you should visit China

The Great Wall of China

great wall of china

One of the first things that come to mind when people speak about china is: The Great Wall of China. The man-made building is not only famous to the world, but also very symbolic to the Chinese nation.

The wall lengths 5000km from the East Coast to the West. However, time has taken its toll on various parts of the wall, therefore it is often advised to best visit the wall section in Beijing.

Beijing and The Forbidden City

beijing forbidden city

In present day, visitors are able to take a look inside the Imperial Palace, walk through 8000 rooms, and take inspiration from this ancient yet extravagant piece of Chinese architecture. A little bit more than a century, no one was among the general public was allowed entry into the ‘Forbidden City’; once the home of 24 emperors, the palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, 560 years ago.

The palace is a historical wonder of the world, detailed with ancient and centennial relics, and one of five most significant constructions in the world.

Watery Wonder in Guilin: famous Li River


Guilin is located in the south of china, with the famous River Li, portraying a real dream-like landscape to the viewer’s eye.

The River Li connects Yangshuo to Guilin along an 83km breath-taking scenic tour. The River Li is so renowned for its beauty and nature, it has been deemed one the “World’s Top Ten Watery Wonders” on the National Geographic list.

 A 2000-year-old Terracotta Chinese army: Welcome to Xi’an

xi an

The Terracotta Army has been positioned underground for more than 2 thousand years, being discovered in 1974 and becoming a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1987.

What is amazing about this historical treasure is that each Terracotta soldier is different from one another, with very detailed facial features. According to experts, this army represents the soldiers who fought and won in the Warring State Period which took place in 475-221 BC.

The Yellow Mountains from China’s National Park

yellow mountain

The Yellow Mountains located near Shanghai, has been renowned for its impeccable landscape. The beauty of the mountains, combined with the natural hot springs, seas of clouds has produced a scene so picture-perfect, there is none other alike.

The proximity of the location being so close to Shanghai and Hangzhou, has seen crowded numbers of local tourists each national holiday. It is best to check the dates before planning a visit!

Kung Fu Panda is from Chengdu

Panda chengdu

What is cute, black and white coloured, and loves eating bamboo? The Panda of course! China has protected their Panda species for decades and are open to viewing at Chinese zoos especially in Chengdu, as it has been considered their hometown.

Lhasa and The Potala Palace, Tibetan symbol


Lhasa is located in the West of China, and has been a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites since 1994. More than just a Tibetan symbol, it is a known for its Tibetan historical contents. The palace is famous for its relics, Buddhist statues, religious artifacts, and artistic sculptures and scriptures.

Hangzhou and its West Lake


Hangzhou is a peaceful city. The scenery among the Western Lake changes according to seasons, allowing you to experience a new and beautiful landscape every quarterly.

The West Lake sits like a peaceful oasis with the urbanity of the skyline. Take a stroll there, or even better enjoy yourself on a little cruise on the tranquil lake.

In Chinese language, Hangzhou literally means “Paradise on Earth”.

Shanghai and The Bund

Shanghai bund

The Bund has been a long-pleasing attraction in Shanghai. The Bund encompasses the Western culture and the astounding architecture built during the colonial centuries. A Western fascination located in the center of Orientalism.

Close To Shanghai : Zhujiajiao Ancient

zhujiajio google

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town  is a little Chinese Venice, charming destination for lovers, friends or even alone! There, you can take a boat on the lake, passing under ancient bridges, seeing traditional Chinese houses, and admiring all ancient Chinese style. A quiet and peaceful moment where you can take a coffee or Jasmin tea and tasting traditional Chinese !

You can read more here

10 tips for expats moving in China

5 things to know before visiting Beijing

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    8 awesome things you should try out in Shanghai!

    What you should try in Shanghai!

    1) Look for Local & Street Food

    chinese food

     While in Shanghai, you must try the local food! Since Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China, you will be able to find many different flavors of China here.

    The one Shanghainese dish you have to try is the “Xiaolongbao”, a steamed soup dumpling filled with pork, minced crab…

    A great Shanghainese restaurant to try out this local dish would be the Nanxiang Steamed bun restaurant. There, you can taste 8 original flavored Xiaolongbao for CNY 10.

    Another good Xiaolongbao restaurant is the Lu Bo Lang Restaurant, Bill Clinton but also Queen Elizabeth ate there in the past. If you want to eat there like they did, you should know that a meal there costs around 200¥.

    On the other hand, Shanghai has a big, colorful and noisy street food scene where you can easily eat like a local in every single corner of the city. Yet, be careful of where to eat! We advise you exploring Fanfbang Road and Sipailou Road in the Old Town. You can make great deals there!

    2) Eat & Drink At The Bund


    If you want a fine-dining night out you should go straight to The Bund, where the dining nightlife is very dense. There, you can eat very well while enjoying futuristic views of Lujiazui just across the river.

    The buildings on the Bund facing the skyline make it a unique moment for anyone visiting Shanghai. You have to go to M On The Bund to catch a unique view of the magnificent skyline.

    Moreover, The French Cellar will allow you to enjoy the best French wines in Shanghai.

    You can also visit Mr. and Mrs. Bund, a French restaurant that local expats enjoy a lot, now bringing travelers from all over the world for its delicious French cuisine.

    Lost Heaven is also a good and still reasonable choice for Chinese delicacies from Yunan province.


    3) Nightlife in Shanghai – From Sun Set till Sun Rise

    Bund Shanghai

    Shanghai is THE sleepless city that always has cool places to hang out until the next morning! Many world famous artists and DJs come there very regularly.

    The Bund, hosting the famous Le Bar Rouge is a “must do” if you’re ready for a decadent night in Shanghai. Still at The Bund? Why not giving a go at the nightclub MUSE and check how Shanghainese people party there?

    Party lovers wanting to make it wild, you are recommended to head to The Mansion, a famous nightclub, especially for expats, everyone loves the ambiance over there! There, you will for sure be able to make it until the sunrise. If you’re the last one dancing there, then you’re the boss of Shanghai nightlife!

    4) Get into Shanghai Cultural Places

     Shanghai is the perfect place to learn Chinese. Learning a few words of Mandarin and taking a calligraphy class will help you understand Chinese culture and history.

    You can get a Chinese lesson at Mandalingua or Mandarin House, and keep a great souvenir with you!

    If you’re willing to get even more into your Chinese cultural immersion, you should already know that China is famous for its martial arts, and as you walk through Shanghai streets you could meet groups of Chinese practicing Tai Chi, usually early in the morning, which can seem like a weird dance at first but is a form of meditation.

    5) Visit Museums, Arts, and Theatres

    Shanghai museum

    If you’re into China history, you must visit Shanghai museum, it is a world class museum and it could take you a full day to visit it!

    Shanghai Science & Technology Museum is also a very famous museum in Shanghai displaying 13 main permanent exhibitions and 4 sciences theaters.

    Shanghai Film Museum, for movie lovers, will take back you into the Shanghainese cinema of the 1920’s with subtitled video clips. Finally, the tree story Long Museum showcases one thousand years of Chinese art, antiques, and porcelains.

    China is also famous for its acrobatics shows. ERA, the amazing acrobatics show at Shanghai Circus World has been rated by most International magazines as the best acrobatics show in Shanghai.

    6) Get in the middle of futuristic buildings

    Shanghai is a modern city. Therefore, you have to enjoy its amazing flashing buildings and skyscrapers. You can get lovely views from the top of some towers.

    You should try out the Oriental Pearl Tower and climb to one of the highest observation deck of Shanghai at 1,148 feet offering a 360 degrees view. Make sure to be there on a sunny day!

    Here is an interesting article about should expats learn Chinese in Shanghai

    7) Authentic China and Temples

    You should also take some time to walk in the Yu Garden, the holy Jing’An Temple in the heart of Shanghai, or even visiting the largest reclining marble-Buddha in the Jade Buddha Temple.

    If you are not into temples, you can visit the Xujiahui Cathedral and the Jewish Synagogue. They are impressive by their architecture and attracting many visitors every day.

     8) Go to the Watertown’s

     If you have enough time in front of you, you should visit the Watertown’s surrounding Shanghai. They are much more relaxed than the busy Shanghai city.

    Here are our suggestions:

    50 minutes away from Shanghai, Zhujiajiao. The city is loved by most foreign visitors because of its wooden houses, great atmosphere, and relaxed coffee shops.

    Also, Fengjing is an 1800-year-old Watertown with lovely canals, bridges, and temples. Visitors usually go there to meet some of the friendly Chinese artists in their workshops straight onto the river.

    Finally, Zouzhouang, a water town that prides itself for being the number one Chinese Watertown. It is very pretty but might be too touristic for some of you!

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