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What will be the next target for China?

Chinese New 5 Year economy

What is the aim of this 5-year plan?

For 2020 year, China has set new targets and goals in order to set a prosperous society in time. The aim is to double GDP and per capita personal income and keep the medium-high growth for the next coming years. Adding to it, there is a real improvement of industries. As you may probably know, China wants to develop its presence in the world and in every possible workable field.

China is attracting, even more, foreigners than years ago, more expats people learn Chinese in Beijing.

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Economical aspect


China’s aim for a long time ago is trying to balance the urbanization of the country in rural and urban areas of China. In order to achieve it, China has a strong innovation development strategy for the industries.

Besides this, China is developing main core technologies in different sectors fields such as energy, aviation, medicine and intelligent manufacturing.

The health industry is booming in China and it will be under the spotlight due to pollution problems having an impact on Chinese people health.


Beijing Artist

China is facing a big environment issue and it is one of the key priority in the plan of 2016-2020.  China’s air pollution issue is affecting country’s human health and biophysical environment.

With this 5 years plan, new targets need to be reached at the end of 2020:

  • Water consumption needs to fall by 20% by 2020
  • Energy consumption will be cut by 15%
  • Carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by 15%.

Those goals are quite challenging for China

Political influence


No matter if we are talking about economics or even environmental challenges and plans reforms are highlighting the Chinese government policy foundations and actions.

This Chinese New 5 year plans is hiding purposely the question of how the Chinese government will actually try to achieve these targets set up at the very beginning. This is mainly the way how the Chinese government is working on, keeping up the mystery side of the solution.

Chinese authorities are actually facing a big challenge such as recently, those protests led by thousands of miners in northeastern China in coal and steel industry.  What was the matter of this protestation? Overcapacity industry, no wages for months.

This can actually have a huge impact on the prosperity of Chinese economy and if economic reforms fail, the social and political consequences would be unforeseeable.

Everything is tightly linking together.

To conclude, this Chinese leadership decision of this New 5 year plan is a way to organize all the structure in place with some fixed targets and goals but it is also a way to show the power of the Middle Kingdom in the world and their capacity to handle every issue in the country.

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lao waiArticle was written by Pierre

Spent 2 years in China and Studying Chinese international relations. Pierre has written a thesis on Chinese economy booming.



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    China’s Economy : difficult to approach

    Understanding Chinese economy

    The Chinese market has always been one that is difficult to interpret and understand, particularly its customers and entrepreneurs. It has been a huge challenge for foreign companies who want to deal partnerships with Chinese businessmen, not only do they find trouble communicating with one another, but also struggle to find agreements on various subjects.

    China is trying to make efforts

    To take one example, Partnership between Australia and the Chinese has always been complicated.

    China has been requested to conclude the negotiation on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) at the end of 2016. The organization has spoken of large issues, with promises to arrange for agreements between the two countries. While Australian businesses have been hesitating to negotiate with the Chinese, trade agreements between China and India have begun. The new project shows promising potential as the economy in both countries are growing.

    Reforms involved in China’s market success

    In recent months, China has adopted many regulations in order to improve their economic activity. Previous protocols have been difficult, and take long amounts of time to build up. According to American corporates, China should apply for loose monetary policies, which would improve in settling agreements.

    The Chinese market has acknowledged that they are not interested in this type of economic approach. Chinese businesses are conscious that the strategy development for this is not an effective long-term resolution. In fact, for years and years, China has been very patient in their progress, and has taken time to effectively seek for solutions. The present day has shown that the country has succeeded in reaching its goals and built a solid economy.

    China’s most effective economy is the online market. The development on Chinese e-commerce websites have proved to be the most successful compared to the rest of the world.

    Consequently, foreign companies have found difficulty in penetrating the Chinese market due to their lack of knowledge on the economy culture.

    Chinese customers’ confidence

    chinese cutomer's confidence

    According to American companies, the best way to improve the country’s productivity is to create competition within the market, whereas the Chinese government chooses in giving priority to privatized state-owned enterprises.

    Market productivity depends on the reliance between the country’s economy and its customers, who are in charge of making their businesses work. In view of many surveys, two factors have been raised. The employment rate in China is growing, even with the economy growth rate decreasing to 7%, employment rate has seen 13million new opportunities granted by the Chinese government. On the other hand, Chinese consumers need to see concrete reforms, whilst the government approves them, only until then will they be in confidence in their economic plans.

    There have been other ways to attract Chinese consumers, however government reforms enable them to become very connected. They also become sensitive of what they see or hear on the news and social media, thus making their general knowledge of buzz and trends more appropriated.

    That’s why Digital Marketing is the key to success, in such an economic-precise nation.

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    Cultural shock: US vs China

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      Cultural Shock: US vs China


      Chinese economy

      Chinese and American cultures are vastly diverse, to say the least.

      Many cultural factors differentiate them such as beliefs, entertainment and trends, and values. What are different are also the physical factors such as climate, mode of transport, locality?

      Through both countries, their population would agree that their own culture is more superior. Chinese believes that Americans do not understand the meaning of culture specificity, traditions, and history. They believe America is only a combination of other cultures such as European culture, and that they are too young to have a culture of their own.Here are the differences raised between China and the United States of America.

      Here is an interesting article about the hard landing for China’s economy.

      Chinese civilization

      Chinese history

      If you meet a Chinese man or woman, it is more often that they will boast about their country and their culture. Indeed, Chinese civilization has harvested a long period of strong cultural traditions which have expanded over the years, not just locally but globally too.

      There are similar strict policies and regulations that are embedded in Chinese law in the present day that existed thousands of years ago. China being such a large country, is grouped into various states and the population within each state uphold their own particular behaviors and lifestyles, but nevertheless preserve the overall Chinese culture.

      China is rooted with original conventions, delicacies, and stories. They are so specific and exclusive, hence, why the public is so proud.

      The Chinese government, however, suffers from chauvinism. In cases, they are so proud they impose their own Han ethnicity to the oldest Chinese groups which still exist in Tibet and Xinjiang. This is an example of China’s political act, showing their power over the country.

      What will be the next target for China?

       American civilization

      american flag

      American people are an example of chauvinism too. The ‘American way of life’ is deeply implanted in the nation. The way their mind thinks, acts, and speaks is also very cultural specific. The way their businesses, literature, and political system affects the nation’s education system is very particular, therefore succeeding continuous like-minded generations.

      American culture has been considered the major establishment that transcends international borders; more specifically, American pop culture icons such as actors, musicians, and celebrities. Not only that, but also food culture such as McDonalds, American hotdogs, and donuts. Many products that appear without history or ancestral charm, but nevertheless attract the global audience.

      In recent years, the States have succeeded in demonstrating authoritative power globally but have administered a respectable reputation with China.

      Consequently, the engine towards the idea that American culture does not really come from history or traditions remains with some Chinese people. However, Chinese is still fond of the huge American market, with large crowds of Chinese tourists visiting the States every day.


      Chinese have many preconceived ideas regarding American civilization. The question is why: is it pure envy, or is it a competition? Even though many aspects of American culture is built around brands, celebrities, and materialism, America is still able to understand Chinese culture. Compared to the Western, Chinese are still too attached to tradition.

      If civilizations are different, why not have same goals for their respective countries?

      Indeed, the Chinese and American are attempting to take over the world. On one side, China is the largest country in Asia, not only population-wise but also in terms of the economy, the market, and technological advancement. On another side, the United States have been establishing the world’s biggest corporate and companies that transcend globally. Both countries have different skills but the same expectations; that is to expand their power across international borders.

      In recent years, China’s president Xi Jinping has taken control of the nation’s film industry. His aim is to orientate the film’s subject, not only highlighting more specifically on Chinese culture but also to expand it abroad. This is not the first instance that the Chinese government has regulated media in the country. In 2010, Xi Jinping took part in advertisements that promoted the government’s socialist views.

      To conclude, it is clear to say that both countries are different, but it also sure to say that both nations have their own way of life, their own traditions, and own culture.

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