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Why is the West so keen on learning Chinese?

Why learning Chinese is so important?

learning chinese
“Chinese seems to be the trending language, from Europe to America. So it’s time to look beyond the traditional focus on French and German and get many more children learning Mandarin” said David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, back in 2013.

More than 2 years later, things evolved a lot and the same trend can be observed in most of the western countries: from primary schools to multinationals, more and more people learn Chinese. Even US’s President Barack Obama claimed his daughter Sacha was learning Chinese, while Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, and gave a Q&A in Mandarin Chinese to his college student’s audience during his last trip to Beijing.

So, why Chinese? Or let’s put it the other way in fact, why not Chinese?

Chinese, the language of business

 People traditionally choose to learn a second language in order to be able to communicate with people in the next country. From a more practical point of view, we could say in order to have more opportunities. Despite China economy growth decline, the growth is still there, and China is since last year the second largest economy on earth. China exports a lot and will keep doing so for many years, although it might be less than before, and it imports more foreign products every year. With this in mind, choosing to learn Chinese when considering to learn a second language instead of French or German seems to make sense.


Moreover, Chinese is the world’s largest spoken language, for the reason that it is not only spoken domestically but even in others Asian countries, such as Singapore (known to be a Global Business Country) or Taiwan.

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A huge number of Chinese native speakers?

In spite of Mandarin, which is the official language, only 10% of Chinese native speaker can talk fluently this language. How can we explain it? There are several dialects with huge linguistics differences depending on your locations in China. There is only the same writing system sharing.

Whereas Beijing dialect is the current standard form, it is Nanjing dialect which is considered more universal.

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However we can notice that the number of fluent Chinese speakers in the world seems to be counted more around 120 million, and not more than 1.3 million as many people could expect. Spanish speakers around the world are counted by 400 million speakers worldwide.
Mandarin seems to keep its leadership role in the mind of all. Don’t wait anymore, get the opportunity to learn Chinese in Beijing!

Recently, there was a regular survey from the Modern Language Association of America dealing with language enrolment in American colleges. According to the data coming from these surveys, Mandarin learning seems to be growing even more than years ago, in the US and also in the United Kingdom. Mandarin is becoming number 2 on the list of languages schools possibilities. So what is the best program for learning Chinese in Beijing?

Chinese economy situation: an opportunity to learn Chinese

learn chinese on board

If Chinese economy’s situation is a great opportunity to learn Mandarin, it’s not easy to learn Chinese and a lot of people are facing some difficulties and obvious barriers such as learning Chinese characters. That is the reason why the fastest way to learn Chinese is to first practice your oral conversation.

Remember that most of the Chinese people don’t know how to speak English, even if English is one of the most common Business languages in the world. Adding to this, the Chinese market is growing faster than ever and it’s just the beginning!

What kind of businessman would ignore this huge opportunity just because he doesn’t want to learn Chinese?
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melanielimchenArticle was written by Melanie

Studying Chinese economy in Jiao Tong university. A mix of Chinese and Cambodian, she’s a fan of Chinese culture  and trying to learn more about the social aspect in China.

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    Visit Beijing in 24 hours!

    Beijing in 24 hours!

    The capital city of China; Beijing is an extraordinary city, currently planning for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and a $13 billion airport for 2019. It is a culture-embedded metropolitan, a city that never sleeps.

    We have 24 hours, let’s see what the city has to offer! Read more about best tips in Beijing.


    1. Chinese noodles | 12 p.m.

    The Chinese are noodle-specialists as the Italian are pasta-specialists.

    “Zha jiang Mian” is a Beijing classic, which you can find at the old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King, just as famous as Beijing Roast Duck. The place is almost always packed, and you may have to wait for seating, but it is definitely worth it! No regrets.

     noodles beijing

    1. Art in Beijing | 4 p.m.

    Beijing has been known for its cultural artifacts as well as its contemporary art scene. If you’re an “all-things-art” fanatic, visit the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, featuring world-class artists such as Ai Weiwei. The art space is considered China’s most professional and comprehensive platform for contemporary art. What’s better is its free admission!

    1. Drinking local beer | 6 p.m.

    Continue your casual stroll around the Lama Temple and enjoy the street scenery! To meet locals, head over on to Baochao Hutong. The sight of locals playing Mah-Jong, drinking beer, and feeding on dumplings will spark a little interest to your eyes!

    Order yourself a local beer at the Great Leap Brewing, where they infuse tea gathered from the mountains of Fujian! Or two!


    1. The time has come for the Roast Duck | 7 p.m.

    roast duck

    “Kao Ya” (roast duck) is classified as an iconic dish in Beijing. The cleverly cut pieces of meat, carefully rolled pieces of pastry, thinly sliced spring onions, and the sweet yet savoury-tasting sauce that makes fuses everything together. This dish is a MUST HAVE in Beijing. Do not be put off by the price, because once it enters your mouth, all things become heavenly. You can Learn Chinese in Beijing for understand Chinese culture



    1. Parks | 10 a.m.

    Enjoy a walk over at Summer Palace, with only a 30yuan admission fee, you’ll spend half the day there for sure. Take a hike on the pine-shaded hill behind the palace, or just sit near the lake for a peaceful and relaxed afternoon.

    parks and recreation

    1. Beijing Temples | 4 p.m.

    Bring out your spiritual side in Lama Temple. The Buddhist and ancestral temples were built in the 17th century as a Prince’s home. Recharge yourself inside the with the sight of serene monks and ancient architecture.


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