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3 key points to learn mandarin

Learning Mandarin with 3 key points

Talking about Mandarin, many people think it is a super difficult language, which is even harder than the French. Why? People basically think that the language comes with the alphabetical similar to what they have, Latin, will think that others are more difficult. They have to learn the alphabetical again, know what does it sound like, how to spell it, and how to combine, what is conjugation and all. While the Latin alphabetical is pretty much used in many languages even with one or two different additional characters.

Talking about Mandarin, if you come to China for business or study, you can actually face the possibility to learn Mandarin at least for your daily activity and conversation, while the education is now on delivered in English in many universities in China. How to master the language which has very interesting character and tone in spoken part?

  1. Try to set the target

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It is true that if you have measurable target, you will be able to reach it easily as it is countable. So does for Mandarin, you should set your target how you can master the Mandarin. Ask yourself first what do you expect after learning it? Is that the fluency in speaking? The ability to write? Your reading comprehension or Mandarin for education purposes? All those questions will lead you to the specific target. Measurable target also very important, there is no need to make “able to speak Mandarin well”, the indicator “Well” is not an indicator as you cannot measure it. Try to make target like “memorizing 3 words a day”, “make one introduction conversation each day in first week of learning”. It is surely more measurable; you can count how many Mandarin words you have memorize and have you make short introduction conversation with your Chinese fellow today?

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  1. Study Everyday


Language is something that you use every day and it is much better for you to also practice every day. The advantage of 10-20 minutes learning per day is higher than the 2-3 hours but only 3 days a week. It is all about how your brain familiarizes with the character the usage of the character and all. But the forcing of 2-3 hours studying wouldn’t be fun for your brain and learning the language doesn’t seem to be fun anymore.

  1. Learning Mandarin means speak!

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Mandarin is the language of speaking. The intonation and the way you pronounce the word will mean the whole lot of thing for the meaning of the conversation. One word, same character, but different tones will give somehow very different meaning that you as the beginner will find it like, “WHAT?” but hold still and try to always speak it out loud with the help of your fellow Chinese friends, so they can help you to fix your intonation and help you if you stuck in translation in public.

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Learning the language has very different way, some need you to learn the character, grammar, and written more, while others maybe require you to speak out loud more in order to get it right. Feel the joy and frustration of learning language, you’ll find it very interesting and worth you the language itself.

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