Arjun K - from: USA

Director Suply Chain at SunPower Corporation

Type of lessons: Arjun K

I have been using Tailor Made Chinese for the last 4 months, and it has been a great experience.  I had used one of the widely available CD-based self learning programs in the past, but while this got me over the hump with some basic vocabulary and grammar it was really not adequate for even basic interactions when living in China.  When I started Tailor Made Chinese, I could see the real difference immediately — the initial classes covered similar level of vocabulary and grammar that I was familiar with, but did so in a context where the language really started to stick with me and I immediately gained more confidence in using what I already knew.  This is testament not only to the the lesson plans (which are structured around specific contexts that really help absorb new vocabulary and grammar), but also the expertise of the teachers who are willing to work with you to explain nuances and provide additional insights based on your specific needs — it is really tailor-made. The one-on-one interaction has really helped improve my pronunciation and I can see the results every week as I am able to reduce my reliance on gestures and sign language to get myself understood.   I would highly recommend the program for anyone interested in improving their Chinese language skills.

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