David P - from: Australia

Working in China

Type of lessons: David P

As an Australian, well we don’t exactly have a lot of grammar classes growing up, it’s just assumed you can speak English, so you know English. Done. These lack of grammar lessons means that it’s very difficult to learn a second language.  But with TailorMade’s individual classes I have a personal teacher that is aware of this and is able to teach me in not just 1 standard format. Also… i don’t have the greatest memory, and considering traditional teaching of Chinese focuses on endless repetition, I am very grateful that she can teach in a way that is in line my learning methods.

My teacher is not just a professional formally qualified Chinese teacher, but as she has been teaching for a long time she has built up better ‘best practices’ for teaching foreigners- like concentrating on how we learn, not how natives learn.

I would thoroughly recommend TailorMade for individual Chinese classes as it is perfect for those that may find themselves at level not defined by traditional institutions.  Classes can concentrate on what the student wants to learn, not what an institution thinks you should learn.

At the moment I concentrate on industry specific Chinese (Logistics), office chat, slang & common sayings and of course in improving my grammar and fluency.

On a side note, payment in batch works out great for me, as it means the relationship with my teacher is more relaxed without constantly having the thought of money weighing on either of our minds.

The service from TailorMade is far beyond other private schools and traditional institutions in my mind, and so far i am exceptionally happy with their service.

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