Eloise D - from: France


Type of lessons: Eloise D

Hi guys,

I’ve almost finished my first year of classes with you and I must admit I’m happily surprised. The flexible schedule really matches the needs of working in the industry since you can adjust whenever you have an emergency.
The online classes offer a freedom of taking classes wherever you like.

Personally, I took classes from Hebei province mainly, but also while on vacation in Sanya, back in France or in the US. It helped me to keep improving my Chinese away from Beijing or even China.

The classes are well structured and the “examples” make perfect sense for every day life in China. After only a couple of weeks, I’ve moved from not being able to say “Hello” or “thank you” to knowing enough to live, eat, take taxis, go to the hairdresser, interact with my colleagues,…

Thank you for your great help into my life over there in China!

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