Franck P - from: Beijing

Freelance in China

Type of lessons: Franck P

After 7 years in China I was ashamed to not be able to have a proper conversation in Chinese. I could understand but not really able to speak. I met Romain, the CEO of TMC, and he convinced me to take Chinese lessons again. I’m a web developer so I choose to take 4 hours per week during 4 months with TMC “learn Chinese online” program. Now I feel stupid to not have done that before. My Chinese is much better and I feel confident to speak. I’ve almost finished the Level 2 and I will continue as much as I can.

I think the most  important is to keep on learning even if it is one or two hours per week. TMC offers pretty flexible solutions for working people and the teachers are great. I tried 2 of them and I can’t complain. So yes I recommend TailorMade Chinese for your daily Chinese lesson in China or online…

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