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TailorMade News 117 – 84 skyscrappers in 2016 – Harbin Festival – Jack Ma meets Trump – Taiwan loses one more nation to China

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  • LEVEL 1: China completed 84 skyscrapers in 2016

    More than 65% of skyscrapers that were completed around the world in 2016 are in China. Among the 128 building of 200 meters in height or more that were completed in 2016, 84 of them are in China. That is more than double of the next 10 countries combined, and this makes the 9th year in a row. The United States came in second with seven skyscrapers completed, four less than the number built in the city of Shenzhen alone. South Korea comes in third position with six buildings.

  • LEVEL 2: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

    In China’s coolest annual tradition, the capital city of Heilongjiang province has been transformed once again into a magical winter wonderland for the International Ice and Snow Festival. 2017 is the 33rd edition of the festival, which started on January 5th and will continue until the end of February. The tradition dates from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), when local peasants and fishermen used to produce ice lanterns for fishing, hunting or even just pleasure. Today the ice lantern show is still the preferred event of the festival.

  • LEVEL 3: Jack Ma meets with Trump

    Last Monday, US President-elect Donald Trump received Alibaba founder Jack Ma to the Trump Tower in New York: “It was a great meeting. Jack and I are going to do some great things,” told Trump afterward, praising Ma as “one of the best entrepreneurs in the world.” In meeting with Trump, Ma captured headlines by vowing to create 1 million American jobs over the next five years. Ma mentioned Alaskan fisherman and Washington cherry farmers as just a few examples of local American businesses helped by his company. He also said that as incomes rise in China, Chinese consumers will increasingly demand higher quality products and a more diverse range of goods. And that’s where American producers come in.

  • LEVEL 4: Taiwan loses one more African nation to China

    End of December, China restored ties with Sao Tome and Principe just one week after the small WestAfrican island of about 200,000 inhabitants cut all diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The Republic of China’s foreign minister expressed “regret” over Sao Tome’s decision but added that Taiwan refuses to engage in “dollar diplomacy,” explaining that the impoverished nation felt its financial needs were not being satisfied. The last government to sever ties with Taiwan was Gambia in 2013, and with Sao Tome’s abrupt departure, there are now just 21 countries or entities around the world that have full diplomatic relations with the Republic of China. Most of these nations are located in Latin America.

Weekly News 116 – Christmas in China – Pack your instant noodles – The “Great Wall” movie – China’s military budget up to $233 billion by 2020

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  • LEVEL 1: Christmas in China

    Christmas is becoming more and more popular in China, but it is more common to see Santa Claus, Christmas trees and people singing «Jingle Bells » in big cities only. In these cities, you will also find Christmas markets with many foreigners selling products. Even though few Chinese really know the history behind this event, it doesn’t stop most of the population to have their own traditions. And due to the similarity in Chinese between “Christmas Eve” and “Apple”, many Chinese people use to exchange apples as gifts for Christmas.

  • LEVEL 2: Pack your instant noodles!

    To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, some 6 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel overseas, and Thailand again remains their top travel destination. Experts estimate that Chinese tourists will travel to 172 countries during the 2017 Spring Festival for an average trip of 9.2 days each. Altogether, they will spend a grand total of $14.3 billion (100 billion yuan). Japan also keeps its second position, while the US come in third. After that, most popular destinations for Chinese are all South-East Asian countries due to low costs and geographical proximity, except Australia ranking in 5th position.

  • LEVEL 3: "The Great Wall" movie

    The new movie “The Great Wall”, starring the American actor Matt Damon and directed by famous Chinese Zhang Yimou, sold about 462.5 million yuan ($67 million) in tickets in China during its opening last weekend. A film that reaches at least 100 million yuan in ticket sales is considered a hit in China, the world’s largest film market after the U.S.. And “The Great Wall” drew about 123 million yuan on its first day only. Many professionals in the film industry see this news as a proof that pairing a bankable Hollywood actor with a celebrated local director and theme may be a recipe for reviving box-office growth. “

  • LEVEL 4: China's military spending set to jump to $233 Billion by 2020

    After enduring the smallest budget increase in six years, China’s military is looking to beef itself up with spending set to jump up to $233 billion by 2020. The 2020 Chinese defense budget will signify a 60% increase from this year’s budget of a mere $146 billion, and it will be almost double the $123 billion budget of 2010. The increased budget is partially explained as a response to increasing regional tensions stemming from territorial disputes in the South China Sea that most recently saw the “unlawful seizure” of a US Navy underwater drone and apparent military installations popping up on artificial islands in the sea, in a move that China’s Defense Ministry has cast as arming the “slingshot” against an aggressor “flexing his muscles outside the door.”

Programme 1000 visas pour les stages en Chine

Depuis Janvier 2016, les gouvernements Chinois et Français ont signé un accord bilatéral dont l’objectif est de permettre à 1000 étudiants français et 1000 étudiants chinois de réaliser un stage de 3 à 6 mois dans le pays partenaire. Alors qu’il était impossible depuis plusieurs années de se procurer un visa de stage, le programme 1000 Visas représente aujourd’hui une opportunité unique pour tout étudiant français souhaitant avoir une première expérience professionnelle en Chine. Se procurer un tel visa n’est pas tâche facile, il faut de la patience et une bonne dose de motivation, mais c’est bien possible !


Après avoir compléter mes 4 mois de cours de Mandarin à la Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, dans le cadre du « Programme Shanghai » MBS, je suis actuellement à Shanghai afin de réaliser mon stage au sein de l’entreprise française TailorMade Chinese Center qui se concentre sur l’enseignement du mandarin pratique aux professionnels étrangers, comme du français aux professionnel chinois. Pour arriver jusqu’ici et pouvoir effectuer ce stage, j’ai donc dû passer par le programme 1000 visas et souhaite partager ici mon expérience avec vous. Vous y trouverez peut-être les conseils et informations nécessaires qui vous permettront à vous aussi de venir effectuer votre stage en Chine.


Le programme 1000 visas se divise en 2 parties :

  • Une procédure devant être réalisée par les candidats au programme
  • Une procédure réalisée par l’entreprise d’accueil


(Pour plus d’informations concernant ce programme et les opportunités de stage en Chine, veuillez cliquer sur le lien suivant :


Voici les conseils qui selon moi sont les plus utiles si vous souhaitez avoir votre visa stage dans les plus brefs délais :


  • Commencer le plus tôt possible: la procédure pour avoir un visa de stage est longue et semble compliquée, même si dans les faits elle ne l’est pas tant que cela. Mais il y a beaucoup d’étapes, et donc autant de risques de faire des erreurs qui ralentiront la procédure. En considérant le temps nécessaire pour se procurer les documents, les remplir, les envoyer à mon entreprise à Pékin, le temps pour les autorités chinoises de produire et de m’envoyer la lettre d’invitation ainsi que l’autorisation de travail, cela m’a pris 2 mois au total avant que je puisse faire ma demande de visa à Paris. Je vous conseille donc de vous y prendre à l’avance si vous envisagez de faire votre stage en Chine.


  • Soyez organisé et efficace : une bonne organisation vous permettra de gagner du temps. Si vous avez la possibilité, demandez à être en contact permanent avec une employée Chinoise du département RH de votre entreprise d’accueil. Vous aurez ainsi plus de facilité dans les procédures car elle pourra vous apporter certaines informations dont vous ne disposiez pas forcément.


  • Documents : pensez à demander la version originale pour chaque document. Les autorités chinoises n’acceptent pas les documents sans signature et tampon frais apposés dessus. De plus, demandez plusieurs versions originales pour chaque document au cas où il y aurait un problème par la suite.

Ex : mes documents ont été perdus en cours de chemin et j’ai dû attendre une semaine supplémentaire pour recevoir les nouveaux exemplaires.


  • Contacter des agences professionnelles: privilégiez les entreprises comme DHL ou UPS pour l’envoi des documents. Certes le coût est plus important (environ 70€ pour l’envoie des documents), mais vous pouvez être sûr que vos documents arriveront rapidement à bon port.


  • « Prévoyez l’imprévu »: attendez-vous à faire face à des complications durant la procédure du visa. Les autorités chinoises sont très strictes et prêtent attention à chaque détail en ce qui concerne les demandes de visa : elles n’hésiteront pas à vous compliquer la tâche si certains éléments ne sont pas totalement en règle.


  • Demandez une traduction de vos documents : cette information est très importante car elle n’était pas précisée dans les documents concernant la procédure. Cependant, il est nécessaire de faire une traduction officielle en chinois de l’ensemble de vos documents. L’objectif étant bien évidemment de permettre aux autorités chinoises de vérifier l’authenticité des originaux.


  • Restez calme et patient: personnellement, je considère ce conseil d’une importance capitale, d’autant plus si c’est votre première expérience sur le territoire chinois. Encore une fois, cette procédure est un peu longue et compliquée, en tous cas elle le fut pour moi et j’espère sincèrement que vous n’aurez pas à faire face aux mêmes problèmes que j’ai pu rencontrer. Cependant, réussir à obtenir un visa de travail/stage pour la Chine représente une expérience très enrichissante pour toute personne ayant pour objectif l’expatriation. De plus, cela vous prépare à l’avance aux différentes situations auxquelles vous pourriez faire face une fois arrivé sur le territoire, bien qu’à ce stade le plus dur sera déjà fait.


L’obtention des documents auprès des autorités chinoises représente l’étape la plus longue et compliquée de cette procédure. Cependant, le programme « 1000 visas » est une solution sûre et sans risque. Beaucoup de personnes passent par le visa Etudiant ou Business pour pouvoir faire un stage en Chine. Cependant, les autorités sont de plus en plus attentives aux étrangers arrivant sur le territoire chinois, et travailler de façon illégale en Chine vous expose à des risques réels (principalement l’expulsion, et l’incapacité à réitérer une demande de visa pendant plusieurs années). La police chinoise passe régulièrement au siège de certaines entreprises pour vérifier le passeport et visa de chaque employé étranger. Sans visa de travail, vous risquez au mieux d’être amené à la frontière chinoise avec interdiction de retourner sur le territoire temporaire ou définitive, au pire quelques semaines de prison.

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    Weekly News 115 -Jackie Chan’s Oscar – No arm, No loan – Walmart workers’ fight – China votes for new trade regulations

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    • LEVEL 1: Jackie Chan wins an Oscar

      After 56 years and more than 200 movies, Hong Kong movie star Jacky Chan finally got an Oscar earlier this month. The Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles on November 12th. After receiving the Oscar, Chan thanked Hollywood, his family and friends, Hong Kong and China for making him proud to be Chinese. And then he thanked his fans: “Because of you, I have a reason to continue to make movies, jump in a window, kicking and punching, breaking my bones, thank you so much!”.

    • LEVEL 2: No arm, no loan

      After losing both arms because of some electrical accident when he was 5, a man from Henan province recently faced another serious problem. Wu Jianping, 25 years old, decided to buy a flat in Zhengzhou city. To do so, he needed money and thought about asking help from local banks. But when he went to apply for a loan, all the banks refused to lend him money for the same reason: he had no arms, then no fingerprints. No fingerprints, no loan. In the following days, the news became viral on WeChat, and many people protested saying this situation was unfair. Banks quickly changed their minds, and Wu Jianping can now buy his flat!

    • LEVEL 3: Thousands of Walmart workers fight on WeChat

      When Walmart entered China in 1996, workers rushed to the company as it offered relatively high wages compared to its domestic competitors. However, failing to keep up with modern wages, employees say that now, a Walmart job doesn’t pay enough to comfortably support a family at just $300 a month. Workers are also complaining about a new scheduling system, that is leaving employees exhausted. Meanwhile, Walmart has led a campaign in the US to raise pay. As a result, some employees in Shenzhen filed lawsuits, and about 20,000 employees China-wide gathered on a WeChat group led by a former employee surnamed Wang in order to protest for better pay and working conditions.

    • LEVEL 4: China vows to promote bilateral, multilateral trade deals

      China will actively participate in bilateral and multilateral trade deals, regardless of developments to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deals, Commerce Ministry spokesperson Shen Danyang said at a press conference last Thursday. It will work with all parties concerned to negotiate the RCEP (free trade agreement between the 10 members of ASEAN, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India) and push for a conclusion as soon as possible, with full respect for the core status of ASEAN in the deal.The comments came after US president-elect Donald Trump said he would withdraw the United States from the TPP, a free trade pact between 12 Asia-Pacific countries. Shen said China will continue to deepen reforms, open up its economy and cooperate with the World Trade Organization members to create a free and favorable environment for global trade.

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      Learn Chinese with the Weekly News No 105

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      Weekly News 113 – British Girl Helps Chinese Parents – Tai’an Table Closed – China World’s Largest Telescope – New Visa System

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      • LEVEL 1: A British Girls Helps Chinese Parents Name Their Children

        A 16-year-old British girl opened a website and made £48,000 by helping Chinese parents to give English names to their babies. She got the idea during a family visit to China. They were out eating with friends when she was asked to give an English name to a newborn baby. In China many people think that it is important to have an English name for future studies outside China or to do business with the Western countries.

      • LEVEL 2: SH Restaurant Tai'an Table Closes 1 Day After Winning Michelin Star

        Just one day after receiving a star in Shanghai’s first Michelin Guide, Tai’an Table has been shut down. Apparently, the restaurant was operating without a license, and the police was informed by jealous competitors. German chef Stefan Stiller said online that he did not mean to violate any law and that a new place was under renovation. Meanwhile, Michelin has responded that they judge the quality of the restaurant, not whether it is properly licensed or not.

      • LEVEL 3: World's Largest Telescope Began to Peer Into Space

        Guizhou province, last Sunday – China turns on the biggest radio telescope in the world. With an amazing size of approximately 30 soccer fields, the telescope should help scientists in their hunt to find any reliable sign of alien life in the sky. The facility, surpassing the second- largest by 200 meters in diameter, is being called a game-changer in space research community. President Xi Jinping on Sunday sent a congratulatory letter to all the scientists and engineers who contributed to its creation.

      • LEVEL 4: China's New Work Permit System

        In its quest to attract more highly-skilled foreign talents and limit the number of less-skilled ones, China is planning to streamline its work visa system. The Alien Employment Permit (Z-visa) and the Foreign Expert Permit (R-visa) will be replaced by one single work permit document under the new system. The administration also explains that it will classify all foreign workers into three distinct categories: A – Top talents, B – Professional talents, C – Unskilled workers or those working the service industry. To define in which group candidates should be placed, foreigners will be given points based on: 1/ Their salary (the lower the better) 2/ Their diplomas 3/ The time they’ve worked in China 4/ Their Chinese language level 5/ Their age 6/ Their work location (you’ll get more points for working in less developed regions).

      Weekly News 112 – Woman falls off a boat – China 3rd in Rio – Philippines Q2 growth – Asian global outlook

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      • LEVEL 1: A Chinese woman falls off a boat and survives at sea for 38 hours

        About 2 weeks ago, a 31 years old Shanghainese woman accidently fell from almost 20 meters high into the sea. She was on a cruise boat going from shanghai to Japan and Korea. She tried to scream for help but nobody heard her, then waited for 38hours before a fishing boat rescued her. Many Chinese people on Weibo did not believe her story, some others said the 1.75m woman should have joined the Olympic games.

      • LEVEL 2: China loses to Great Britain in Rio

        The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics is China’s worst in 20 years, with “only” 26 gold medals. In 2008, China got 51, and in 2012, 38. Meanwhile for Great Britain, Rio has been their most successful Olympics in 108 years. But beyond the medals count, it is the first time that the world truly discovered Chinese athlete’s personalities. Among the most famous ones are diver Qin Kai and his wedding proposal, swimmer Fu Yuanhui’s and her honesty during interviews, or volleyball team coach Lang Ping’s leadership.

      • LEVEL 3: Philippines posts Asia's fastest Q2 growth

        The Philippines was Asia’s fastest growing economy in the second quarter, based on the government’s announcement on Thursday of 7.0% growth in April-June compared to the same period last year. The pace was the country’s quickest in three years, and beat the first quarter’s 6.8%. Meanwhile, China reported second quarter growth of 6.7 percent, and earlier this month data showed that in July China home prices rose at its quickest pace in 2 years, with 7.9%. However, experts do not expect the rise to keep going on for long.

      • LEVEL 4: Asian multinationals should develop a global outlook

        In a short period of time, Asian multinationals became part of the world’s elite. But despite this rapid success, they still often lack of corporate culture and strong brand images. One reason may be that many are family or state-owned. They operate in a top-down system with one single person making most of the decisions, which does not help attracting or preserving the best talents. Brand image building issues are also quite common, with examples like Baidu who failed to sincerely communicate about how it would solve its search engine issues. Or Alibaba’s boss Jack Ma who claimed that many fake products are now of better quality than genuine articles while trying to respond to critics over the availability of counterfeit products on Taobao. But despite obstacles, experts say Asian multinationals are young and learning fast, citing Samsung as the best example.

      Weekly News N111 – Olympics in Rio- Unesco ‘s world heritage- Shanghai New-York partnership- Tribunal’s decision over Beijing’s claim to South China Sea

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      • LEVEL 1: Chinese athletes are ready for Rio

        After four years of hard work and waiting, Chinese Olympians are ready for Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games next month. China will send a team of 416 athletes made up of 160 men and 256 women, including 35 Olympic champions. They will participate in 210 events of 26 sports at the Games, which open on August 5th and end on August 21st in Brazil.Olympic Games Rio

      • LEVEL 2: Hubei's forest added to UNESCO world heritage list

        The largest primary forest remaining in Central China, Shennongjia, was added last week to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The forest was already famous in the 19th and 20th centuries, and several international plant collecting projects took place there at that time. Today, rare animals such as the Chinese giant salamander, the Golden Monkey, several species of leopards and the Asian black bear are still living inside.

      • LEVEL 3: Shanghai, New York agree on tourism partnership

        Shanghai and New York City announced last Thursday the start of a two-year tourism partnership. The agreement includes promotions in both cities, such as outdoor media advertising and travel products. New York City hopes to attract more visitors from Shanghai, its largest source of Chinese tourists, as Shanghai hopes to attract more New-Yorkers thanks to its new 6-day visa-free entry for international transit passengers, the new Disneyland resort and China’s tallest building, the Shanghai Tower

      • LEVEL 4: Hague tribunal rejects Beijing's claim to South China Sea

        The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague ruled on July 12th that China has no legal basis to claim “historic rights” to islands in the South China Sea. The Tribunal also found that China “had violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone by (a) interfering with Philippine fishing and petroleum exploration, (b) constructing artificial islands and (c) failing to prevent Chinese fishermen from fishing in the zone.” Philippines welcomed a ‘milestone decision’, while China rejected it, saying the court has no jurisdiction over the issue.

      Weekly News N110 – Mom looking half her age – Chinese “big boss” resigned- Brexit – Bitcoin war

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      • LEVEL 1: The 50 years old mom who looks half her age

        A mother from Henan became famous last week on the internet. Ye Wen is 50 years old, but she looks twice younger. Guess what her secret is? Nothing strange like drinking urine, she just has just been swimming every day since she was 30 years old, and goes to the gym three times a week. And she says that she hopes she can do it until 80 years old.

      • LEVEL 2: Chinese internet "big boss" resigned

        Few days ago and after only three years of work, Lu Wei, the Head of China’s internet, announced that he was leaving his position to his highest manager. The former Vice Mayor of Beijing who is also one of the 100 most influential people in the world will be replaced by Xu Lin, a rising political star. One of Lu Wei’s most famous action was to encourage government officials to create Weibo accounts and use them on a daily basis.

      • LEVEL 3: The Brexit story

        On June 23rd, 52% of the UK population voted to leave the EU. Although most of the country’s young people, London, Scotland and Northern Ireland massively voted against it,but it was not enough. The following day, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign by October. The following week, Scottish leader directly addressed to Brussels for Scotland to stay in the EU. However, Spain quickly opposed, sensitive about regional independence issues. Nobody knows now how things will turn, but the organization of a new vote seems rather unlikely.

      • LEVEL 4: How China became the key player in the Bitcoin's war

        Despite a complex structure in which supercomputers are said to “mine” the currency via mathematical formulas, Bitcoin has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Although the digital currency was basically supposed to be borderless, yet a few Chinese companies have effectively managed to take major control of the Bitcoin network. They did so by investing in major server farms, and through enormous speculative trading on Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. Last week again, Baidu gathered with three Chinese banks to invest in the American “Bitcoin company” Circle