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You’re looking for a school to learn Chinese in Beijing but don’t know where to start? You just hit the right spot …

A Chinese school focusing on results and quality

Since the opening of TailorMade Chinese Center in 2009, our school in Beijing welcomed close to 2000 students, most of them being professionals in China for work or preparing for, and in need of quick progresses in Chinese. In this context, TailorMade’s main strength is to be able to propose both customized and efficient training programs that can fit in busy working schedules of expats in Beijing, or tailored to the level and needs of students specifically coming to China for few weeks or months intensive Chinese training. Just try us, you will get crystal clear results within weeks and all that for very competitive prices.

And to make it more convenient for foreigners working, living, or just passing by and willing to learn Chinese in Beijing, our school is ideally located in the heart of Chaoyang district, at the center of the commercial and diplomatic area of Sanlitun.

We have a growing team of about 30 teachers scattered among five cities, with the main part in Beijing and Shanghai. They come from everywhere in China and many have already taught Chinese abroad, but they got one thing in common: they are all professional and qualified Chinese teachers sharing the same passion about teaching Chinese language, helping students grow their skills and eventually make their dreams come true.

For us, achieving quality comes in three steps:

  • An innovative and practical teaching method
  • A rigorous selection of the best teachers
  • A comprehensive internal training inspired from our hands on experience

A simple but innovative teaching methodology

Here again, training efficiency relies on three main aspects: a “scientific” approach regarding the learning process, a careful selection of classes content, and a tight management of the training program.

Scientific approach

It may seem to be a big word, but to make it simple we use our experience to analyze each students’ situation and apply to his training the most efficient schemes based on his own situation and objectives. Teachers are trained for that, and our choice of in-house teaching materials allows us to emphasize on different skills or teaching ways that work best on a specific student.

“TailorMade believes that the course should fit the student and not the opposite, as each person has different cognitive abilities. Some people have a better visual memory, others more an auditory one, and some others are even exclusively able to memorize things they were forced to use in practical situations. So we must learn how to recognize people’s faculties and adapt our courses to them.” Said Jeff, one of TailorMade’s founders.

Selective content

Chinese language is particularly rich and in constant evolution, especially nowadays. At first sight, it all seems to be a great thing. But the bad side of it is that words commonly used in the literature or official media reports may not be the ones that are commonly used in the daily life. Consequently, choosing an outdated or too academic teaching approach to learn Chinese may end up being time and money consuming. Even in some cases, the extra efforts necessary to reach concrete results will upset students who eventually give up learning while they were so close to achieving something.

This won’t happen at TailorMade, as we pay great attention to the content we provide to our students, making sure to only introduce the most commonly used words and expressions. Most useful grammar rules are precisely detailed with clear explanations and examples, and loads of exercises and practice come with lessons in order to put into life all what was learnt. For beginner and intermediate level students, teachers are also trained to avoid using too formal words and expressions when teaching new words any time a situation pops out in class.

Training program management

Your training starts with a trial lesson, where the teacher will precisely assess your level and give you a brief glimpse at TailorMade teaching style. After this first step and in line with both your own training objectives and your teacher’s feedback, our staff will propose an adapted training program that can usually start right away. Then two key steps come on top of basic lessons: practice and competences validation. To apply them, teachers will make sure to use as much Chinese as possible during the class, and they will always have students to talk more than they do. In order to confirm the acquisition of lesson’s core content, evaluation tests will be performed both in the middle and at the end of each of TailorMade levels.

Our teaching methodology was designed to fit foreigners who need to progress as fast as possible and use Chinese on a daily basis, in concrete situations. As a result, one of the basic principles of our standard way is to not focus much on characters at the very beginning of your training, and push more to start using oral Chinese from the first lesson. In the level 1 of our standard teaching methodology, training mainly focuses on oral communication, the respect of tones, pronunciation and pinyin, along with the vocabulary and common structures that are useful if not mandatory for your everyday life in China: taking a taxi, asking for directions and other basic things, haggling, buying food, and placing an order in a restaurant. In the second level you will learn Chinese recurrent structural words and more specific vocabulary, so you progressively acquire the ability to build complex sentences and exchange ideas. Level 3 & 4 push the idea further, on the way to fluency.

“When they reached level 4, students have an upper intermediate level and can already deal by themselves about most of their personal and professional life in China” April, in charge of teachers’ training and teaching material development

But of course, your program is designed based on your own needs and you don’t have to follow our standard method, just share more with us about your learning goals!

Customized courses in Beijing

In Beijing, you can learn Chinese at our school in Sanlitun, your teacher can come to your office or home, and you can even learn online if none of the locations fit you or when you are out of town. Lessons content and pace are adjusted to your needs so you can focus on the essential and make the most out of your time. In addition, for more flexibility classes can be cancelled up to 3 hours in advance without any fee, and you can choose between different options to get cheaper prices if you usually don’t need to cancel classes, or more time if you often have last minute businesses.

“We want our trainings to be practical and easy to follow, as the first challenge especially for beginner students is to catch attention, to raise interest in order to generate motivation. Once they realized they indeed managed to move on with their training and can already speak some very helpful Chinese after few weeks, they usually want to learn more” explains Romain, another member of TailorMade’s founding team.

What is TailorMade’s main competitive advantage?

You probably already noticed that competition in the Chinese language education field is quite fierce in Beijing, as there are loads of valuable universities and Chinese schools. Most of them capitalize on the cultural experience they will help you go through, some others are specialized in low prices.

By our side, we mainly specialize on qualitative and efficient Chinese language teaching, because we believe that it is the only real key to the success of your cultural or professional experience in China. That’s also the best way to control the cost of your training and ensure competitive rates, as you are indeed going to reach the level you target, and you will both save time and money in the process.

What people think about us?

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Doug G , UK , CEO at Amazon China
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I can attest for full “flexibility” of the content for my training, which really focus on my daily needs, practical and useful information about Chinese culture, Chinese way of thinking,... Read more

Thierry D , France , General Manager, Novotel Peace, Beijing
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The teaching I have received from Tailor Made Chinese has been nothing short of spectacular.  My teacher, April, is the most patient and encouraging teacher I have ever met.  Coming... Read more

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