Event Sinolingua June 14th

We are happy to announce that we will be co-sponsoring the first expatriate book fair hosted by Sinolingua this Saturday, from 3pm to 6pm.

The fair will take place at the Latin American Caribbean Center in Beijing to promote the launch of a big project: Encounters.

The project was created in collaboration with the prestigious Yale University in the United States and is quite revolutionary: students will learn Chinese by watching a 20 episodes TV series, completely produced by Sinolingua. This will allow the student to immerse himself in the Chinese language and culture in a fun and interactive way and avoid the often too academic and not practical textbooks. The book is also accompanied by a website where the students can find additional resources to enhance their learning experience. There are 4 levels, each coming with a book for the students, a book for the teachers, a screenplay, a book for characters and a DVD.


The books are aimed at college and university students but can be used by anyone willing to learn Chinese. In China, it can be used by foreign students who want to learn Chinese but are not studying it extensively. Abroad, the book is especially useful for senior high school students and undergraduates of all majors.

In order to promote Encounters, Sinolingua and TailorMade Chinese Center invite you to take part in what should be delightful afternoon!

Come enjoy some drinks and a Rumba dance presentation by Greicier, a professional rumba instructor. There will also a lucky draw and prizes to be won, but most importantly a demonstration session, for you to experience Encounters.

There will also be a 20% off deal for those wishing to purchase the Sinolingua books, and 10% discount for those willing to purchase hours of TailorMade Chinese lessons! Just look for Jeff or one Teacher of our team onsite.

We hope to see you there and hope that you can come and experience this exciting new face of Chinese learning while dancing with us!


The event will take place at J Space Art Media Center San Li Tun Soho Building 5, B1-510 ( below you can find the map)

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