How to learn Chinese with TailorMade

All the questions you may ask have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Although your main question is probably “How to learn Chinese efficiently and for a reasonable price?”, a question to which you can find answers though our website, you will find below a list of short answers to most common questions we receive from students, from where to take HSK test to what makes us different from other Chinese language schools.

About our teachers

If needed some of our teachers can speak other languages, just ask us.

Yes you can change teacher, but it may not always possible for a specific schedule and location.

Our teachers were all born and grew up in China. They come from all over the country, although most of them come from the north, where Mandarin is the local language and mother tongue.

All our teachers have genuine language university bachelor or master degrees. Most of them in Teaching Chinese as a Second language, the major that was created by Chinese government to train professional teachers for foreigners, some others in Chinese literature, English, French, German or other languages.

All our Chinese teachers can speak English.

Yes the teachers can come to your office or home. However a transportation fee may be applied depending on the location.

About TailorMade Chinese

The vast majority of our students are foreign professionals working or doing business in China, preparing to do so, coming from time to time, or their families.  Another part is made of young graduates, or people decided to make a move in their career coming to China to learn Chinese for few weeks.

We have trained more than 1000 students by March 2015

TailorMade was created in 2009 in Beijing by a group of “local foreigners” who were sent few years earlier to China by their companies, and went through the process of learning Chinese beside a busy working life.

Chinese classes

You just need to register online, pay the fee, and go pass the test in one of the many HSK examination centers you can find in most of big cities in China. For students abroad, you can find an examination center in your own city or just pass the test online.

No matter what your level is, your teacher will make an evaluation during your first class and we will propose you a training program adapted to your objectives and needs.

If you are outside China, you can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. If you are in China, you can pay by bank transfer, cash deposit or Paypal.

Yes, you need to work beside your class if you want to progress quickly. 1 hour of 1 to 1 lesson represents minimum 20 minutes and up to 1 hour of personal work.

In private group classes, you decide about the number of students, usually 2 to 3. In normal group classes, there are maximum 4 to 5 students.

The minimum duration for one class is 1 hour, the maximum without pause is 2 hours.

The validity period is the period during which you can use the hours of lesson you purchase. It depends on:

  • The schedule option you choose
  • The amount of hours you purchased
  • The weekly schedule that you booked

For 1 to 1 training, we recommend minimum 3 hours of class really taken per week, ideally 4.5 hours split in 3 sessions of 1.5 hours.

It mainly depends on the time you have to study and your budget. With group lessons, you will need more personal work and have to find more opportunities to practice Chinese on your own outside classes, but the price will be cheaper if you compare hour to hour. With 1 to 1 lessons, you practice more during classes and only focus on what you need. Since practice is key to progress in Chinese, for busy people who need quick results we strongly recommend 1 to 1, maximum 1 to 2 classes when possible.

We propose 1 to 1 and private group classes in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin and Xi’an. We also propose normal group classes at our center in Beijing, and 1 to 1 online classes from anywhere. You can have class from your office or home in all 5 cities and in Beijing you can also come to our center.


All classes can be cancelled until the day before your lesson 8PM without any fee. If you need to catch up with some lessons, you can also try to find some time with your teacher outside of your weekly booked schedule when both of you are available.

If you are outside China, you can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. If you are in China, you can pay by bank transfer, cash deposit or Paypal.

Learn Chinese Online

Short time internet connection issues can happen from time to time. When it happens, your teacher will call you back to start again the lesson. In the rare cases where the problem persists, your class will be rescheduled for free.

If you were a good quality headset and have a reasonably high-speed internet connection, there is almost no difference between 1 to 1 Skype lessons and 1 to 1 face to face lessons. It can in fact be an excellent solution for students outside China or living in remote areas in China to find professional and experienced teachers for competitive prices.

We use mainly Skype however we are open to any kind of software under free license.


We propose 1 lesson book and 1 exercise book per level, with audio files in mp3 format. Besides you will receive short lessons every week about recent international news to work on top of your basic program. You can also choose to learn more about specific topics like Business, IT, Automotives, HR, Finance or others.

Our standard teaching method is made of 4 levels, from beginner to high intermediate level. Above that level, all the classes are customized because each student situation is different and requires a specific training program.

Our teaching method was created by a team of professional Chinese teachers well experienced in training foreigners working in China and a group of foreigners who went through the process of learning Chinese in China beside busy working lives themselves.