Tips# 4 Improve your Chinese vocabulary

  • To learn more useful vocabulary you can carry a paper and a pen with you and mark down new words you recognize in your environment on a daily basis. If you can identify series of words or detail more about the situation it will be easier for your teacher to define the exact meaning afterwards. You can also save them on your mobile phone. Once you confirmed the meaning of these words / expressions with your teacher, you can gather them in a small note book and review them in the cab, subway, train, plane etc. You can also take pictures if you feel more convenient to review on your mobile phone or other device. By doing this, you will pick up the most relevant vocabulary for your exact situation and environment / working area
  • If you want to learn to read, you can do the same with new characters and gather them in a note book, or take one picture by new character and its translation with your mobile phone if you prefer
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