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The list of 2015’s richest Chinese people in China by Forbes magazine has come out. This year, 1% of those on the list’s total wealth has grown by 5% from 376 billion to 540 billion.

In the same period last year, Alibaba’s founder, Jack” Ma Yun, came top of Forbes list for the first time after the IPO of his company. But this year, Ma is in second place, although he remains the richest person in the technology market.

Wanda group’s Wang Jianlin has overtaken Ma, thanks to the stock market inputs derived from his company.

Despite the strong interest in the rankings, this article will instead show you the top 10 Chinese CEOs in technology.

1st. Jack Ma – 21.8 billion dollars

The 2nd richest man in China, he increased his wealth by 19.5 billion last year.

Despite coming in at second place as China’s richest personality, Jack Ma saw the net value of its trade increase, propelling it to the top of the rankings, despite a 20% decline in share price since Alibaba’s IPO in September 2014.

jack ma


2nd. Ma Huateng -17.6 billion dollars

3rd richest person in China. He  increased his wealth by 14.7 billion dollars last year

The founder of Tencent, “Pony” Ma Huateng increased his wealth b,thanks to WeChat which continues to grow and also by investing smartly, such as “Didi Dache”. Despite the volatility of the Chinese stock market this summer, Tencent’s share price climbed steadily.

 Ma Huateng


3rd. Lei Jun -13.2 billion dollars

4th richest person in China , his wealth increased by 9.1 billion last year.

Lei Jun is the founder of a very successful start-up, and saw his wealth increase exponentially thanks to the expansion of Xiaomi. He also has investments in listed high-tech companies on the stock exchange, such as Cheetah Mobile.

lei jun


4th. Robin Li -10.4 billion dollars

6th richest man in China, his wealth fell by 14.7 billion dollars compared to last year.

It’s not such a good year for the CEO of Baidu, Robin Li. Concerns from investors on the profitability of Baidu and market share have led to a decline of nearly 30% in his wealth in last 12 months.

robin li


5th. He Xiangjian – 9.3 billion dollars.

7th richest man in China, his wealth increased by 7.5 billion dollars in comparison to last year

He is the CEO of Xiangjian Midea, a household appliance manufacturer. Midea brings smart home devices to smart homes”. He also gaibed partnerships with Alibaba and Xiaomi.


6th. Liu Qiangdong – 7.8 billion dollars

9th highest  fortune in China, his wealth increased by 7.1 billion last year

Nearly a year and a half after its entry onto the American stock  exchange JD, CEO Liu Qiangdong saw his wealth increase slightly, because of the the share listing.


7th. William Ding – $ 7.5 billion

10th Richest man in China. His wealth increased by 4.9 billion.

Netease is a technology company unknown to the general public outside China, but is a web portal company which provides many online games.


8th. Lu Guanqiu -$ 7 billion 

13th richest person in China, with their wealth increasing by 5.4 billion since last year.

Lu Guanqiu is Wanxiang and Fisker’s manager, a manufacturer of hybrid electric cars, acquired during the bankruptcy of its US owners., Wanxiang was founded in 1969 and used to make auto components.


9th. Jia Yueting – $ 6 billion

17th richest person in China.

CEO Letv is new to this list. Jia Yueting succeeds to increase its value by diversifying enormously, from streaming sites to the film industry, also with electric vehicles. The company has created a start-up taxi service, a minor rival to Uber and Didi Kuaidi.


10th. Zhou Qunfei -5.9 billion

18th through China

Only one woman makes the cut in China in the technology sector; Zhou Qunfei was already crowned as the richest woman in China, and is now the second coming of Chinese new Forbes ranking.

She first worked in a glass factory before joining Lens Technology in 2003, bringing with her, all her knowledge and expertise. The company creates glass screens for smartphones, computers and tablets. Today, the company counts Apple among its customers , and also which it provides glass for Apple Watch, and Samsung.


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